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  • Set your ideas free

    Let go of your phone. Put your computer aside. Move as you please. Speak. Be seen. Be heard. Be free.

  • Limited only by imagination

    Touch. Push. Pull. Swipe. Grab. Move. Play. Learn. Dream. Take off.

  • Experience the thrill of the ultimate collaboration

    Explore new, unprecedented ways of digital communication. Socialize. Work together. Unite.

  • Turn your world into an interactive playground

    State-of-the-art digital interaction at your fingertips. Create as you speak. Nothing is beyond reach.

  • Simple & Intuitive

    Discover the ultimate synergy between humanity and technology. Unreasonably easy. Undeniably natural. Use your instinct.


Use Cases

Own the room

Bird's algorithms instantly integrate and analyze data from several sensors in real time. This data reflects the entire spectrum of human intent, including position in space, pointing direction, hand posture, motion speed and direction and more.


Add another BIRD to the room

  • Personal
  • Professionals
  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Get Smarter with your smart home, fly to new heights in entertainment, & be free!
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  • Connect with your audience, wow the crowd, & be extraordinary!

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  • Engage students, broaden horizons, & let minds soar with bird TM !
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  • Collaborate with your team, go further in creative thinking, & achieve success!

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Use Cases