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Meet Bird - Limited offer

MUV Interactive is celebrating its 10,000's shipments, and you can get your Bird system for $149 only!

* Due to high demand, orders will ship within 14 business days.

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      Quantity Limited to 3 per order

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      Quantity Limited to 3 per order

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    Be free

    BIRD is a tiny wearable for your finger that makes any space interactive.

    Touch, push, pull, swipe and grab your content from anywhere in the room; You are not limited by your location.

    BIRD attaches to your index finger and communicates directly with your smartphone, PC or tablet - it’s the true meaning of being free.

    Truly limitless

    • Touch

    • Swipe

    • Pull

    • Move

    • Grab

    • Rotate

    • Push

    • Hover

    System Requirements

    Operating system
    Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10

    Supported languages

    English (United States)