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If you’re a lover of watching horny barely legal teens having a good at each other and you, then say no more.
18VR specializes in all things young, featuring fit and hot women of various shapes, sizes, and nationalities, but all of which are ready to get down and dirt just to fulfill all of your sex fantasies.
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18VR Review Summary

Videos Update Frequency

Tons of hot teen girls, just waiting for you to score, await you over at 18VR, with 2 high-quality VR porn videos released every week. In addition to this, 18VR also releases some extra content, including “Behind the Scenes,” among others.

Number of Scenes

There are roughly 200 teen VR scenes on this porn site, all of which featuring at least one petite and flexible teen that’s 18 years of age that’s always down to get dirty.

Max Resolution

Similar to many other VR porn sites, the maximum resolution of videos over at 18VR is 5K, with several videos available only in 4K.

Fucking around with teen girls also gets more immersive thanks to the stereoscopic 3D feature.


If you’re looking to score yourself some hot teens and girls, well, you’ve come to the right place. 18VR features some of the best-looking and diverse range of girls for you to fuck. This includes girls who are fair-skinned and blonde, dark-skinned with curly hairs, brunettes, redheads, and so on. However, most of the stars do have one thing in common — they’re mostly petite.


At $24.95 a month, subscribing to and being a user of 18VR is not cheap. However, they do have a $1 free trial that’s limited to mobile streaming and 1 download, just in case you’re curious. You can also net yourself a hefty discount by getting a yearly subscription for $89.95 or a lifetime membership at $299.75.

Either way, a subscription to the website is money well-spent in our books.

Teledildonic Scenes

Unfortunately, none of the content on the website comes with teledildonic support.

Includes non-VR images/videos

In addition to their teen VR videos, the porn website also has a gallery of photos of all of its stars and models, just in case you’re not ready to have some virtual sex with them and prefer to whack one out using your imagination.


Dirty Girlfriend Sex

Mind you, just because you’re fucking teens here doesn’t mean that it’ll be all sweet and cuddly. These girls are nasty and are featured in a variety of scenes. Basically, if you can think of a plot where a petite-bodied hot girl fits in, then you’ll be able to search for that exact scene on 18VR, along with many others that you won’t find on other VR sites.

Beautiful Teens

When we say beautiful, we’re not joking. The high-quality teen VR content on 18VR is owed much to just how amazing their stars and models are. The best part is you can find them in all sorts of scenes that you can imagine. This includes getting a chance to score two mind-blowingly beautiful babes all at the same time or coming home to score your girlfriend, who knows precisely what you want after spending a long and hard day at work.

Lots of Doggy & Anal

If you’re into dog style and anal sex, most of the content that 18VR has focuses on that. In fact, even if you search for them, you’ll find very few scenes that don’t have dog style or anal sex in them.

Threesomes For Days

Apparently, one girl is too mainstream for 18VR. Unlike other sites that don’t really have that much threesome or orgy content, 18VR has plenty. Whether it’s FFM or MMF (female, female, and male or male, male, female), you’ll get access to all sorts of threesome videos with your subscription to 18VR.

Free Google Cardboard

Exclusive only to subscribers living in the United States, every subscribed user of 18 VR will get a free Google Cardboard for every subscription outside of the $1 trial.



At $24.95 a month, being a user of 18 VR will not come cheap. Not to mention, if you subscribe to the $1 trial, you might find it surprising that you’ll be charged for a full month after the trial membership expires.

In-Depth 18VR Review


  • Marilyn Sugar
  • Zazie Skymm
  • Stacy Cruz
  • Nikki Fox
  • Adele Unicorn
  • Renata Fox
  • Mia Ferrari
  • Lindsey Cruz
  • Eyla Moore
  • Charlie Red

Top categories

  • Threesome

The VR porn on 18VR seems heavily focused on pleasuring you from a male POV, and seeing as most men dream of having a threesome with beautiful and amazing teen stars anytime they want, 18 VR definitely does not disappoint.

  • Dog style / Anal

What kind of man doesn’t want to fuck a model from behind? Most videos on 18VR feature, at least, a part where you get to do anal with their stars or, at the very least, dog style them.

  • Blonde

Petite and blonde are two common characteristics of girls over at 18VR. Not that we’re complaining, though. We definitely love to score some dirty and steamy sex with blonde bombshell stars just as much as the next guy.

Top 5 scenes

Ease of use

Navigating the website of 18VR was actually very easy. We liked doing our review because of how accessible the VR porn was on the site. You could rely on the categories and tags to help you find the quality videos that you want, which is much better than what other sites have to offer.

The best part here is that you can leave comments and rate any video, so you get additional sorting and search options.



The visual quality of every video found on the site deserves an overall score of 10/0, with all scenes in 60 fps with a 30 fps setting for those with slow internet connections. Each scene is shot on 180-degree views with binaural sound making sure that every moan and shout feels just like the real thing.

Stream directly / need to download

Another good thing about the site is that you can choose to stream the virtual reality videos directly or download them. This multitude of options on 18 VR is perfect as it caters to a variety of preferences.


All the virtual reality porn on 18VR are available at either 4K or 5k resolution.


The 180-degree 3D VR porn videos on 18VR won’t leave you wanting for anything more. You’ll find yourself just as satisfied as we were when doing our review.

Audio type

The binaural audio guarantees that every VR porn on the site will make you feel immersed in every experience. It doesn’t even matter if you’re getting fucked by two girls at the same time or you’re taking turns with another dude banging that hot chick. Every thrust, moan, shout, and sex-related sound will make it sound it’s happening literally right in front of you.

Male/female POV

All of the VR porn available on this VR site are of the male POV.

Teledildonics available


Headsets supported

  • PlayStation VR
  • Oculus Vive
  • Samsung Gear VR

Other features

No. Outside of virtual reality porn and still images of all of its models, the porn site doesn’t offer games or apps of any kind.

Pricing and discounts

You can’t exactly get the VR porn on the site for free. However, you get to access the VR porn on the site for a low, low price of $1, albeit with numerous limitations.

Payment methods and cancellation

18 VR accepts credit cards and PayPal, with members even given the option to cancel their membership to the site anytime that they want.

Our Experience

What We Like:

In terms of ease of use, polish, and quality, the site is not hard to love. Even though the price for even just one month is a tough sell, there are no so many scenes on the site that you can’t find anywhere else, with even more scenes added to the site per week.

If you’re a lover of VR porn in the “teen” category and can devour this kind of video for hours upon hours, this site is for you.

What We Didn’t Like:

18 VR is a great site. There’s no doubt about that. However, that only applies if you want that one thing, which, in this case, is barely legal, and young teen stars wanting to have sex all the time, and well, nothing else.

Alternatives to 18 VR

Final Verdict: 18VR Review

To be honest, there’s nothing quite like putting on your Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR to go to a VR website that gives you access to nothing but horny legal-aged teens that you can score and offer you all of the sex that you could ever possibly dream of, and then some.

If there is one thing we’ve found out in doing our review of this VR site, it’s this – if you are a lover of high-quality teen porn virtual reality content, this is definitely the site for you.

The fact that you get a free cardboard for your trouble if you live in the United States is just a bonus at this point.