BaDoinkVR Review: Will Your Willy Hit The Climax or Flop Like …?

Welcome back dear readers to a very-very special & surprisingly corny review of BadoinkVR. We have spent quite a bit of time with BadoinkVR… and it did not disappoint (let’s just say we all have sore hands now). The way these guys make fuck videos is beyond what we thought was possible. In this BadoinkVR review, we will dive deep into it, maybe even deeper than a 25-inch BBC cock during an anal session.

BadoinkVR Review Summary

Videos Update Frequency

  • BadoinkVR has a good update frequency, meaning 2 to 3 videos per week. We are satisfied with that rate of delivery as they update videos faster than most amateur sites out there.

Number of Scenes

  • BadoinkVR has over 400 videos for you to enjoy wanking off to – that is a lot! No wonder we have chafed junk! I am also glad to say that beyond the sizeable number of videos, Badoink VR has top-notch content too. The library of VR porn videos they have is pretty extensive compared to other VR porn sites.

Max Resolution of Videos

  • The max video resolution BadoinkVR is offering is capped at 5K. That is more than adequate, though it is not the cream of the crop as there are VR sex sites that offer better video quality. Never the less, Badoink VR has still made it possible to fully utilize your bad-ass gear VR for all your virtual reality shenanigans.

Performers & Models on The Site

  • We are not gonna lie, all the models are hot as fuck, most naturals too which we love!!! Watching these naked bitches in 60 fps is going to make your cock go ape. Ladies, you know how to work magic on your pleasure box (The little man in the boat).


  • Badoink offers access for a dollar per day or you could get a monthly plan for $24.95, which makes more sense. The pricing is actually pretty decent. We have seen sites asking much more for worse content, so Badonik definitely stands out in this respect.

Teledildonic Scenes

  • BOOOOOM!!! BadoinkVR provides glorious compatibility with teledildonic toys and gadgets. We do not usually suggest teledildonics as VR fucking is already out of this universe, but for BadoinkVR we make an exception. BadoinkVR makes you feel good on all the interactive devices & tools. No doubt about that.

Non-VR Images & Videos

  • A resounding YESSS for this one as well. They have Full HD quality pictures for you to enjoy. Non-VR content is always a big plus as it’s kind of like an appetizer before your stake. BadoinkVR did a good job on this one.

Badoink VR Review Pros

BadoinkVR Has an Awesome Content Library

The content that BadoinkVR is providing is a boner booster for sure. There are numerous genres that BadoinkVR covers, not to mention in amazing quality. We believe that our beloved readers will never run out of content that helps them to cum like a beast. Most of the porn videos and even reality porn has become lackluster over time, right? This is not the case for Badoink VR.

Perfect Focus Mode for Streaming Content

BadoinkVR has an exclusive feature that only they have – it’s called the “theatre mode”. In short, this mode makes everything ultra-immersive. At first, the experience enhancement was overlooked and not taken seriously by other VR porn sites. But once porn fans truly discovered what’s it about, it become an essential feature. With this feature, you get total privacy and no FUCKING notifications will bother you while you enjoy teens DP’ing (or any other content on that matter).

Zero Compatibility Issues

BadoinkVR is compatible with all major headsets including Free VR headsets. Interesting enough, compatibility has been a major issue for most VR porn lovers. The thing is that, before you get a VR subscription you need to make sure that your headset can play the content available on the site you like.

Super Nice UX & UI

The user interface (UI) is really-really lovely. The interface does not look overly busy like with some other VR sites out there. Believe me that can be a real party pooper if you watch as much virtual reality porn as we do. If the interface (aka how the subscriber interacts with the site) is messed up then there is no point to expect great things from the VR site – something we’ve learned along the way.

Badoink VR Review Cons

There Is No Comprehensive Search Bar

The search option is very limited and you cannot put in sub-categories like on some other high-end VR sites. The limited search is still usable but we have seen better for sure. Anyway, you are most likely going to skim through videos to pick one, so it’s not a big red flag. However, it is the little things that matter, and we feel BadoinkVR should have paid a little more attention to this feature.

Their Trial Is Too Short

A dollar per day. This is not the cheapest option out there for sure, but considering the quality of the content, it isn’t very expensive either. However, we do like longer trial periods. Giving the future subscriber a 3-day trial period is something we value highly. With a 1-day trial offer, it can be difficult to decide if you want to subscribe or not.

No Extras Included

BadoinkVR charges an industry average price for its services. The subscription includes the usual video download and stream options at the same time. But, you don’t get access to a sister site or VR porn games, etc. as is the case with several other VR porn sites.

In-Depth BadoinkVR Review


As usual, the models aka the pornstars are the breadwinners for every brand. Luckily, BadoinkVR caters to its viewers with very high-quality actresses & actors. All pornstars meet the legal barriers, so no weird business going on.

Porn is something which would not exist without girls and guys willing to do it, without further ado here are the top ten pornstars:

  • Keira Croft
  • Kylie Rocket
  • Asia Rae
  • Nicole Nash
  • Lilly Bell
  • Kiara Lord
  • Christina SHine
  • Veronica Leal
  • Honey Demon
  • Nelly Kent


Top Video Categories


Many of our readers may notice that this category is mentioned again and again in our reviews. Well… Badoink VR is no exception. Whether you are a man or a woman, there is something very alluring about lesbians. Lesbian sex is almost like an art. The holy grail of erotica for a man is to be stuck on an island full of horny women.


This category has been increasing in popularity, especially for Asian Americans. Sometimes, yellow fever strikes a bit too hard we think. When it does though, BadoinkVR has you covered. The site features beautiful & tight Asians to help you think with your willy. TBH, VR porn can make any category look appealing, especially Asian tight holes.


This has always been a hot porn category as the colored women of the Latin culture are exuberant & sexy. Something very savory about their demeanor and overall appearance. If you had to choose between white and Latin, in most cases, people go for the latter. Latin women have dominated most beauty-related sectors, so it should not come as a shock to find them being popular in the VR porn industry. Give it time and they would take over the porn industry!!!

Top 5 Scenes


  • Eligible Receiver. We have no idea what this one was trying to pull off but we can say that it was worth watching.



Is It Easy To Use the Site?

As we have mentioned earlier in our review, the site navigation isn’t particularly good. However, we can still use it with ease and there are not that many discrepancies in the search results. Unfortunately, only basic filters are available. No additional & advanced search options given. I guess you can live without it too.


What We Love About Videos?


Quality is very important as it tends to be the one-factor people literally pay attention to. Though full HD would look decent on a headset, virtual reality requires even higher quality. The stunning and detailed video that makes you question the reality itself is what really sucks your cock try. Badoink VR can deliver this, no doubt.

Streaming and Downloading

We are happy to say that Badoink VR allows you to do both, but of course, most of the sites do this anyway.


Dear readers, VR porn is capped at 5k resolution (60 fps) on Badoink VR and this delivers almost the best video quality available in the industry. Badoink VR offers 60 fps framerates that translate to a smooth VR fuck experience.


They have immersive 180 degrees videos, so VR porn on their site feels almost too close to being real. Sure, it would have been nice to see some 360 on BadoinkVR, but they’ll get there. Give it time.

Audio Type

Beautiful & busty binaural audio is available on Badoink VR to make you jizz from the ears. Yes, dear fappers, you can be sure to have crystal clear sound hearing “ahhh ,oooooh give it to me deep, YEEEEAHH!” Just as if they are fucking in your mom’s room when your dad isn’t home.

Male & Female POV

VR goggles are essential to VR porn, but the POV experience is something dangerous. That’s why it is important to have both male and female POVs. Yes, BadoinkVR has them both on their porn sites.

Teledildonics Scenes

Yes, these are available on this porn site. But, you might as well use your Google Cardboard as a teledildonic because these toys cost an arm and a leg. But if you are why not, right? You probably need it anyway if you are after THE FULL EXPERIENCE.

Which Headsets Are Available?

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Sony PlayStation VR
  • HTC Vive Cosmos
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard


Other Features of Badoink VR

  • BadoinkVR has over 450 images to view.

Badoink VR Pricing and Discounts

  • Can I get it for free?
    • Maybe in your dreams xDxDxDxDxDxD


  • Trial – 1 dollar for a day keeps the libido away.
    • But $24.95 per month is manageable.

Payment Methods and Cancellation

They accept the usual cards, PayPal, and even some forms of discreet payments.


Our Experience and Overall Rating

What We Like About Badoink VR

BadoinkVR is a VR porn site that is doing a great job with video production & quality. It is always nice to see consistency in the work rather than the outcome that varies by the day of the week. We like that their deals are quite reasonable given what sort of content they are offering. Their actresses are stunning and the VR videos are good enough to have many fap sessions in a row.

What We Don’t Like About Badoink VR

The trial period length is really short. We feel that it is just like a semi-version of erectile dysfunction, you get your cock up but when trying to climax, time runs out. Also, BadoinkVR tries to AutoStick you into other offers, so please untick those boxes when subscribing. Also, watch out for the resubscription pricing that happens after the short trial option.

Alternatives To BadoinkVR.

BadoinkVR Review Final Verdict

Dear fappers, we have come to the climax of this review and it seems it is time for both of us to go out gushing. BadoinkVR tried its best to please us and we are happy to say that they have done a good job. We are confident to say that you will enjoy what BadoinkVR has to offer.

They have a good cast, good production, and their mid-tier pricing level subscription is not bad. It is safe to say that the journey was not a waste. The rigorous testing process that we utilized to give a fair judgment to BadoinkVR was worth the effort.