About Us


MUV Interactive is an Israel-based developer of innovative technologies for wearable interfaces. MUV’s mission is to bridge the gap between technology and users in order to get the human message across better than ever before.

MUV Interactive was established by Rami Parham in 2011. All those who work and call MUV Interactive home share in Rami’s quest to free ourselves from our devices and control your digital content and internet connected things naturally.

The company’s first product, bird, is a finger-attached device that makes every space interactive. It’s simple, intuitive and is going to radically change the way we control our digital content. Bird encompasses the core of what MUV Interactive is all about: be free to be yourself. We believe technology should adapt to us and not the other way around. Bird has been fitted for our human instinct and to the simple, everyday ways we move. It enables you to free yourself from your devices and give you new interactive experiences that will blow your mind. And it is so intuitive to use and so natural, it will quickly become like second skin. What can be better than to be free as a bird ?

But MUV Interactive is not just stopping there. We’re making a grand entrance, but our love of technology and our amazing team of industry veterans, international investors and partners along with top engineers give us the drive and the tools to consistently push the edge of innovation. We know tomorrow belongs to virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things, connected home technology and wearable tech and we’re ready to go. Chasing tomorrow keeps us up at night and we are hard at work making new products that reflect ourselves, digitally .

Our headquarters in Herzliya is home to our unique, creative and quirky team. We’re known to survive off of sushi, burgers, pasta and a wide variety of vegan dishes (we’re 1/3 vegan, 1/3 vegetarian, 1/3 never-will-we-change carnivores) and we love sharing in the creation process of tomorrow’s experiences.

  • 37 Cups a day
  • 80 Slices a week
  • 8 Carrots a month
  • 110%