BaDoinkVR Review: Will Your Willy Hit The Climax or Flop Like …?


Welcome back dear readers to a very-very special & corny review of BadoinkVR. We have spent quite a bit of time with BadoinkVR… and it did not disappoint (let’s just say we all have sore hands now). The way these guys make fuck videos is beyond what we thought was possible. In this BadoinkVR review, […]

XVirtual VR Porn Site Review | Ready To Get Your Horror Boner on?


An Explicit Summary of XVirtual is a kinky and distinct premium VR porn site that satisfies the sensual needs of its sizable audiences. This is accomplished by displaying high-quality videos with 3D sounds and exotic plots that are taken from spontaneous real-life experiences. This reality porn site features several categories, including horror, cosplay, hardcore, […]

MilfVR Review | Holy Shit…This Site Is A Jizz Vacuum

Milf VR

All the VR sites these days have a specific niche that they serve, like your mistress back in Maui. Regarding the categories, there is not a lot of them except different ethnicities and kinds of porn. Such as MILFs soloing, masturbation, bukkake, orgy, etc. but the bottom line is everything mostly concerning MILFs. Like most […]

CzechVR Review |Ready To Get Wild With Eastern European Girls?

Czech VR

Czech videos’ popularity has soared over the years. Nowadays, almost everyone has searched Czech porn a few times at least when on a masturbation journey. Can’t blame them as Czech porn is really-really hot. There is something about the way they walk, talk and fuck. Fun fact, the search volume has doubled per week this […]

SexLikeReal VR Review : The A to Z Anthem

sexlikereal vr

It seems that things keep getting better in the VR world. Why? I am talking about SexLikeReal VR porn site. It will blow you away, literally. SexLikeReal is breaking free from the typical constraints of a VR site. Very little makes sense with SexLikeReal but the fact that they are concentrating on the Asian niche […]

Naughty America VR: Trademark Standard or Washed Up Snowball

naughty america vr

Welcome dear readers to yet another iteration of what we love doing. Our next site review needs a lengthy introduction. Naughty America VR is as famous as Apple is in the tech industry. We think they are doing their job quite well and have been helping our beloved readers wet their beds for a long […]

WankzVR Review: Is There More Than Just A Name?

wankz vr

Virtual Reality has increased our media consumption tremendously. Not only can we forget about the outside world, but Virtual Reality also enables us to not give a shit about it at all. When regular porn sites started adopting VR porn it made us think & feel that we are entering into the new era of […]

VirtualRealPorn | Welcome To WankerLand


Greetings and salutations fellow fappers, we welcome you to another sizzling yet juicy VR porn site review. Just when you think things could not get any better we discovered We all love to gander at some sort of porn every now and again, and this site is no exception. However, VirtualRealPorn is taking your […]

Pornhub VR Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ejaculation?

pornhub vr

Pornhub VR, man! The virtual reality revolution is pretty cool shit, right? Drop a few bucks, put on a helmet and you can fight aliens, fly spaceships, scale mountains or travel around the world on educational adventures. You see everyone spinning their controls, blindfolded to reality, of course, and you have a totally different thought: […]