Engage students, broaden horizons,
& let minds soar with birdTM!

The prevalence of digital technologies in everyday life has changed the ways teachers interact with students in classrooms. There is a resounding consensus that introducing interactive digital lessons and content into the classroom promotes and improves student enthusiasm and active understanding of concepts, collaborative learning, frequent and immediate feedback on data and real-world contextualization of concepts. But most of all, the students themselves say that it makes learning fun!

Kids already connect and collaborate using technology with their friends in their spare time. The same can be done in the classroom.

Bird brings learning to life. By freeing the educator from the constraints of screen based equipment, they are free to engage students while utilizing interactive content from anywhere in the classroom (up to 100 feet away!) and on any surface. And with the possibility of using bird with up to 5 users, teachers will work with their students at unprecedented levels. Students will also get the chance to exchange ideas and work with their peers better than ever before.

Adoption of bird is simple, intuitive and effortless and does not incur any hidden costs. It works with any courseware, uses any projector brand, any projection size and on any projection surface or flat TV panels! Add to that the straightforward and easy installation, and you have the perfect solution which is also fast to implement in classrooms by educational IT administrators.