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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be neck-deep inside the pussy of your favorite porn stars? Well, say no more! HologirlsVR will indulge your pussy-eating fantasies and whatever kind of fetish or inclination anyone out there might ever have. HoloGirlsVR has the library and quality content to satisfy all desires of users on all VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and more.

Scroll down below for our HoloGirlsVR review to find out more about this VR porn site.


Videos Update Frequency

Since the year 2018, HoloGirlsVR hasn’t added a single new video or scene and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Number of Scenes

Despite not having added a new scene for over 2 years, HoloGirlsVR still has one of the largest content collections of any virtual porn site. The VR site currently has more than 220 videos and scenes available. This is the result of their accelerated upload rate when they first started as they uploaded content pretty much faster than the average consumer could watch and masturbate to back then, which would’ve made them the best VR porn site had they continued.

Max Resolution

The maximum quality resolution is 3840 x 3840 for the Oculus headset, 2560 x 2560 for GearVR, and 1920 x 1920 for smartphones.


The quality of the virtual reality porn offered on the website is the direct result of the more than 100 models available on the VR porn site. This isn’t the most when it comes to porn sites, but it’s a lot. Also, the best thing about this is the variety and diversity. Movies can start anyone from tight-fitted and skinny blondes to brunettes to petite Asians, as well as the often busty and curvy dark-skinned ladies and Latinas.


A monthly membership to HoloGirlsVR will set you back $17.99 for 1 month and there’s no way to get full access for free. However, you can get discounts for a 3-month membership ($35.97 or $11.99 per month) and a 1-year membership ($79.99 or $7.99 per month). You can also get yourself an “All Access Pass” that includes memberships to not just HoloGirlsVR, but also BurningAngelVR and LezVR.

The All Access Pass is what we’d really recommend if you are a heavy consumer of virtual reality porn.

Teledildonic Scenes

Unfortunately, in doing our HoloGirlsVR review, we found out that Holo Girls VR doesn’t have teledildonic scenes available.

Includes non-VR images/videos

Good news for the non-VR folk out there! HoloGirlsVR lets you fap one out to most of their models in a variety of ways. This includes traditional non-VR videos and photos. You’ll find all of these hot and steaming content conveniently via each model’s individual page.


Diverse Model Selection

Unlike other sites that focus on just a particular race or nationality, HoloGirlsVR doesn’t discriminate. Every race is welcome to star in their porn movies. This includes anywhere from Americans to Europeans, Africans, Asians, and more.

Excellent Content Variety

HoloGirlsVR also puts their girls to good use in their VR porn content and movies. There’s a healthy mix of just about everything. This includes straight male-to-female penetration, some lesbian sex, and solo masturbation films. HoloGirls VR even offers a couple of scenes where you’re the voyeur and you see other people having sex in front of you as if it was real.

High Quality Video Content

We’ve done plenty of reviews before, but we’re very rarely satisfied let alone blown away by the quality of the video. However, that’s exactly the reaction we expect you to get when you watch movies and scenes on HoloGirlsVR.

Each image from every scene or movie is as vivid, bright, and as sharp as can be. It also certainly helps that their models look beautiful too. This means that you’re even more immersed because it feels as if you’re the one who’s about the time of his life. But, from a tech perspective, you’ll find no flaws in how good the video quality is.

Wide Viewing Area

360-degree views are great, but not everyone likes them. 180-degree views aren’t bad either. However, the best view for us is 220-degrees, because it’s wider and you’ll find yourself less distracted by the black space on the edges.

The last thing you want when you’re fucking the brains out of that hottie is seeing some black space, which just totally ruins the whole experience.

Extra Small Features

We’ve browsed through a lot of VR porn sites in doing reviews and we haven’t come across a site like HoloGirlsVR yet that lets you leave a rating on each scene or sort collections. This is probably the first. There are even separate categories and tags along with a basic search function that makes it easier to find one specific scene that you want.

The best here is that every scene or video on HoloGirlsVR has a “best viewed” graphic that tells you what the best position is for you when you’re watching it for added immersion.

Although the position is pretty self-explanatory most of the time, knowing what the best position is beforehand can help make the overall experience more immersive since you’ll feel more as if you’re the one who’s having his dick sucked by a MILF.


No New Content

Unfortunately, this is where the rating of HoloGirlsVR drops by a significant margin. Even though they have a lot of porn content and hot busty babes as models, you’d probably go through the entire thing in a month if you’re very dedicated. This is because they haven’t added anything new in a while.

In-Depth HoloGirlsVR Review


  • Zoey Taylor
  • Kimmy Granger
  • Haley Reed
  • Madison Ivy
  • Bree Daniels
  • Keisha Grey
  • Maddy O’Reilly
  • Riley Reid
  • Liza Rowe
  • Leah Gotti

Top categories


What’s better than watching two girls going at it while they go at you once they’re done? How about having multiple pairs fucking each other? There aren’t as many orgies on HoloGirlsVR as you’d expect, but the quality is high, making every orgy VR porn on the site a must-watch for those who want to be right there and part of the action, as well as those who prefer to be wallflowers.


HoloGirlsVR knows how to make its users feel special. This is why they have a lot of “Girlfriend” VR porn where the focus is you and you alone. You’ll get to feel what it’s like, not just to fuck the girl of your dreams, but have them act as if they’re your wife or girlfriend as they let you explore every hole imaginable on their bodies and do it in every position.


Speaking of making users feel special, the “Solo” virtual reality content on HoloGirlsVR is just on a whole different level. In doing our HoloGirls VR review, we couldn’t help but feel as if we were really the ones there fucking their models, and with the binaural audio, their videos are just nothing short of amazing.

Top 5 scenes

Ease of use

Site navigation

When we first visited HologirlsVR.com, we found ourselves pleased with the retro look they were going for. Although not everyone will relate to it, especially the younger audiences, those of us who are of age will love how it feels similar to if we’re browsing through those adult DVD rental sites that we used to frequent per week just to get our porn fix.

Of course, nostalgia is one thing. Usability and user experience are far more important, and we must say that the quality of the site is great. They even let you select the right device, so the virtual viewing experience is specifically optimized for where you are viewing the site.

Filters available

There’s a decent selection of filters available for the website. They’re not advanced and are fairly basic, but they’re good enough to get access to each page without much trouble. You can search by categories, tags, and popularity. You can also visit each porn star page so you can only watch videos that they are a part of.



Unlike in other sites, the virtual user experience is nothing short of stunning on HoloGirlsVR. The videos are clear, crisp, and vivid, making it easy for you to forget the time and that you’re just watching VR porn, not actually there to do the fucking yourself.

Stream directly / need to download

Unfortunately, you can’t stream the videos. You can, however, download as many videos from the website as you want, and given the variety, you’ll be having far more virtual sex than you ever had before.


The max resolution of any video that you can download from the website is 4K at 60 fps, which isn’t really that high but is good enough to see those busty tits and mouth-watering pussies. This is especially since the quality of the videos is better compared to what other sites can offer.


What makes HoloGirlsVR unique is that the website offers a 220-degree view and not 180-degree or 360-degree. Although the latter is best for VR porn, 220-degree is better than 180-degree by a long shot as it lets you see more. It’ll be difficult to go back to just plain and old 180-degree VR porn after this.

Audio type

Imagine this, a binaural audio recording of someone whispering all the nasty little dirty things that they’re about to you directly to your ears only that, with HoloGirlsVR, those hot girls are not just whispering them to you, they’re actually doing it, from letting you fuck them from behind to the front to let you fuck their mom and best friend all at the same time.

Male/female POV

In doing our VR review, we found that HoloGirlsVR offered porn mostly in Male POV. However, there were some videos on HoloGirls VR where you weren’t really doing anything. You’re just there to watch other people have fun, which, we guess, is something that some people would prefer.

Teledildonics available

Unfortunately, teledildonics isn’t available on HoloGirlsVR.

Headsets supported

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Android 5.0+
  • PlayStation VR
  • iPhone
  • Generic H.264

Other features

While doing our review, we found ourselves feeling like something was missing. You would too. It’s probably because there wasn’t any sort of extra content outside of the virtual reality porn and other non-VR related porn.

Pricing and Discounts

Can I Get It For Free?

Unfortunately, no. There are no free trials for HoloGirlsVR available. However, if it’s any consolation, you can download the samples of the scenes, videos, and movies that are available on the website for free.


We would’ve loved to have a free trial period first just for the sake of the review, but the content didn’t really make us regret the one-month subscription. here’s also discounted pricing for 3-month and 1-year subscriptions, as well as a bundled subscription for a total of three VR porn sites including HoloGirlsVR.

Payment methods and cancellation

HoloGirlsVR doesn’t explicitly state that you can cancel anytime, but they do encourage users to reach out if they feel like they aren’t getting the sex that they expected for the money.

Alternatives to HoloGirlsVR

Our Experience

What We Like

Of all the VR porn sites we have spent time doing a review so far, we liked the quality of the video that HoloGirlsVR has to offer a bit better than what most would have. Their dedication to making each video so good is evident. It almost feels a bit as if you can taste every model that they have.

We also loved the number of scenes that you can choose and the non-VR content isn’t half-bad either. Although the website won’t resonate with everyone, it’s easy to navigate with multiple filter options available for easier viewing.

What We Don’t Like

Naturally, we weren’t fans of the no update direction. You can’t offer the best VR sex if you don’t have enough content. We’re not saying that 200+ quality sex scenes aren’t a lot, but you could go through that eventually, making a long-term subscription not worth it because you’re not getting anything new in return.


Final Verdict: HoloGirlsVR review

Now that we’ve cum to this point, let us go outright and claim that the tiresome testing process of doing the review left us with a whole new appreciation for VR porn. We expect you to see the light soon enough as well. Sure, the website does not see a new scene or video as often as before, all that they have to offer currently is a bit better than what you’d find anywhere else.

The way that these guys over at HoloGirlsVR make porn videos is an art form and deserves a high score. Although we would have loved to have an update or two right now or soon, it’ll be a while before a new subscriber will feel like that as he or she dives pussy deep into a treasure trove of beautiful hot babes who can’t just wait to fuck you and each other all the same.