LezVR Review | This Site Will Make You Question Your Sexuality

From the moment you hit enter on Lezvr .com and arrive at the landing page, the website lures you in. If the presentation is everything as they say, then LezVR is EVERYTHING. You are greeted by a lovely symbology of 2 beautiful, hot women connected by their pussies(Lesbian Scissor style), one black, smooth-skinned, curvaceous babe and the other a hot, white lesbian bombshell. They were reminiscent of the Ying and Yang sign, we think you’ll like that. There are absolutely no men on this VR porn site, sheer female dominance. Sit back, relax as we take you through this sea of tasty estrogen.

LezVR Site Review Summary

  • No new video updates since 2017
  • 41+ videos for you to download.
  • The max resolution is 3D HD quality content.
  • They currently have around 24 models on their model index.
  • This VR porn experience will cost you USD 24 .95 per month.
  • 1-year access is USD 71.40 (billed as 5.95 monthly) save 76%.
  • Yearly for $179.40 (Access to Lez VR, Holo Girls VR, Kink VR, and Burning Angel VR)
  • LezVR does not currently have any teledildonic scenes.
  • LezVR currently free membership to the RLCvr game.

Pros of LezVr

  • The female POV is a rarity, having said it’s a nice change of pace from the male-dominated content that we are used to. Women are freer than ever to explore their female co-stars, users are introduced to a fresh perspective on “what it takes to please a woman” from the masters of that field itself…WOMEN! We think you’ll find this interesting.
  • Pussy, Pussy, and more Pussy. There’s not a dick anywhere in any of these steamy videos, thus the focus is solely on the feminine aspect. Every curve, every well-plumped ass, each pair of succulent boobs is celebrated. Anna Foxx for example, the way she devours women can only be described as scintillating, arousal is guaranteed!
  • The “Voyeur Mode”. Have you ever wished to be a fly on the wall? while hot lesbians suck, fuck, and finger each other? Well, you’re in luck, most of the scenes on this website can be viewed in the third person ( Voyeur). Instead of being in the female POV, you can watch as your favorite girl is “eaten out”, fingered or fucked with her favorite toy. We found this the best way to enjoy it, maybe you will too.
  • Variety in the shapes and sizes of the models, we love seeing different body types celebrated. LezVR currently features 24 hot models and the list features the most salacious adult actresses out there, including – Ana Foxx, Arabella Raphael, Barbary Rose, Cherie DeVille, Dahlia Sky, Mia Li, and Veruca James. The site features hot lesbian videos with Big Tits, Big Ass, Milf, Redhead, Brunette, Blonde, Asian, Spanish, Ebony, Petite and so much more. They definitely hit the mark on diversity at least one scene per ethnicity and that’s more than I can say for many other VR porn sites.
  • Free downloadable videos, not paying for samples is great, especially when it gives you an orgasm. This website has approximately 10 free downloadable videos, we think that’s great.

Cons of LezVR

  • This may be the biggest negative of all, No production of fresh videos. From what we’ve seen, this website has a lot of potential but without new content, it will simply not grow.
  • The Voyeur option needs a bit of a tune-up. It’s quite far in some cases, unlike the Pov scenes, proper angling must be taken into account when filming Voyeur scenes. This should be rectified so members can really use it.
  • Streaming is not available, this is a definite “raised eyebrow” moment. We think streaming is a necessary feature in the virtual reality video world, it negates the need to have space on your device, or maybe someone getting a hold of your device and learning about your “DEEP DARK PORN SECRETS”.

TOP 10 Quality VR Adult stars & Models on LezVR

  1. Ana Foxxx
  2. Arabella Raphael
  3. Barbary Rose
  4. Cherie DeVille
  5. Dahlia Sky
  6. Mia Li,
  7. Veruca James.
  8. Daisy Ducati
  9. Bella Rossi
  10. Simone Sonay

The Best LezVR Catagories

Strap on

Lesbian women strapping on dicks and fucking other women till they cum is just hot! This category will really get you going, it’s really great at imitating regular penetration, making up for the lack of men on the website. You’ll be either hard or wet for days when you see how passionately these lesbian women fuck.

Finger banging

Watch videos of your favorite girl being finger fucked by another gorgeous lesbian. Watch as their clit is stimulated, listen as they moan for more as their G-spot is constantly throbbed. Nobody knows a woman’s body like a woman does. Keep watching as they reach their climax and drip all over their lesbian co-star’s hands, it’s so alluring, so euphoric, so divine, we liked it. Maybe it’ll be good enough for you?

Pussy Eating

Oral is a must when it comes to sex, and we think on a website dedicated to women it is absolutely compulsory. It’s the best. Just thinking about it drove us insane, tongue to clit, vaginas drenched in saliva and their own secretions is an awesome combo, NO….great! This category will not disappoint you, in fact, we think that when you see the perky bodies of many of these models quivering upon the mouths of your favorite girl, you might just explode with ecstasy.

LezVR’s 5 Best Videos

Orgasm Competition (lezvr.com)

  • These sexy babes play a game of who can cum the most in this video, the only winner here is YOU.

Lilith Luxe Pussy Licking POV (lezvr.com)

  • Lilith loves licking pussy in this video, and you’ll love watching.

Very Important Pussy 2 (lezvr.com)

  • What’s better just 2 lesbian hotties? Threesome Lesbian fun!

First Date (lezvr.com)

  • The best date we’ve ever been on.

Arabelle & Veruca (lezvr.com)

  • Arabella and veronica kiss, suck, fuck and finger their way to orgasms.

How Easy Is To Use The LezVR site

The first thing that surprised us when we first visited the website, was their erotic graphics. The image of the two girls “scissoring” on a couch was stimulating and clearly indicated the quality of content. From this first inference, you can get a sense of what they were trying to accomplish. However, as I scrolled down, my initial enthusiasm faded. The video listing on the landing page (all samples) were not even accompanied by images. Although it’s worth mentioning that there is a brief description in text format. Similarly, presenting category tags to users showcases the various positions and erudition regarding the video and lets them sort and filter videos according to their liking. Advertising that information on the landing page will help with website user retention. The sorting and filtering options though, in the video listing page help a lot. Particularly the best viewed/recommended, this high on the list of importance for users to improve their experience. However, other than the central concerns on the landing page, the site does present itself quite convenient on the other pages.

Video Stats

The video Quality on LezVR is certainly not the worst but it’s not the best either. Now, the standard for a VR porn site is at least 4K HD, whereas LezVR only offers 3D HD videos (60 fps). This is a huge factor in choosing a vr porn site and can be the difference between busting a “nut” and choosing not to. However, since this site does not offer streaming content yet, when you download videos you get full HD quality. This may be the reason they have not introduced streaming yet.

Streaming and Download

All the videos are downloadable and they work with every VR Headset such as the “Oculus rift” & the “Samsung gear vr”. For each review, we actually test out the most important features – streaming and downloading is definitely one of them. We were able to download these 4k videos in no time. Unfortunately, there is no streaming option available.


The video pixels aren’t particularly the best (1080p) HD but it works for the download option they currently have available.

180 & 360 Degree View

This site offers mostly 360- degree, 3D videos.


The Binaural audio is definitely the standard for this type of site. What they lack in Video quality, they made up for in audio. We were able to feel fully immersed in each scene. Each moan, lick, and dildo trick resonated in our ears. We thoroughly enjoyed it, you might find this a great addition as well.

LezVR headset compatibility

  • Oculus Rift
  • Gear VR
  • Any smartphone Android/IOS

For this immersive virtual reality site review, we used the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR.

Note: Also this site is compatible with the generic cardboard VR headset for smartphones.

Membership Payment Method and Price

You can purchase a membership at LezVR using either credit card/Visa/Master, Eurodebit, Seppa, and even check.

  • USD 24 .95 per month.
  • 1-year access is USD 71.40 (billed as 5.95 monthly) save 76%.
  • Yearly for $179.40 (Access to Lez VR, Holo Girls VR, Kink VR, and Burning Angel VR)

Cancellation is can be done at any time before the new cycle begins.

  • You have to be 18 years or older to purchase a LezVR membership.

Alternatives Websites


Overall Impression

What we liked

We really enjoyed LezVR ‘s content, however, limited, it still provided enough quality to make us want more. We admired the free downloadable video content and its quality. We liked that each girl on this website fulfilled a certain standard physically. They were all hot and rearing to go. Normally when we do reviews like these we tend to come across a few models who were not up to par, BUT not on this website. The lesbian niche is great and thoroughly satisfies the need for more female POV in the industry. We found that to be commendable. We loved the Voyeur mode and its ability to give users the”fly on the wall” experience. Finally, the bonus content was also a nice cherry on top.

What we didn’t like

The Price, for almost 3-year-old material, we think it is a bit too steep. If they would update their video content it would be more than justifiable. Linked to our first point, the catalog is quite small right now as the lack of content production continues. No new videos may make LezVR boring very fast.

Final LezVR Score

LezVR has “Loads” of potential ( no pun intended), there’s a genuine effort here to give users a once in a lifetime experience. From the model index to the well-produced videos themselves, LezVR has a lot to be proud of. Currently producing or not we still have to acknowledge and give credit where it is due. LezVR is a few video updates and a “streaming videos option” away from excellence, so for now we