MilfVR Review | Holy Shit…This Site Is A Jizz Vacuum

All the VR sites these days have a specific niche that they serve, like your mistress back in Maui. Regarding the categories, there is not a lot of them except for different ethnicities and kinds of porn. Such as MILFs soloing, masturbation, bukkake, orgy, etc. but the bottom line is everything mostly concerning MILFs. Like most of the competition, this site supports most VR headsets, just like how any hot girl’s mouth perfectly fits your dick.

MilfVR Review Key Takeaways

The site updates its videos not very frequently but often enough so that your ballsack can recover. Takes a while for that cum you gush over these MILFs to come back, right? Yeah, that’s what you would think!

MilfVR has a total of over 700 videos, which is a great amount in terms of the content, and it is because they are partnered with two other VR porn sites.

The max resolution they offer is 4k, and it is crystal clear 3d. The performers are very sexy, and for those of you who prefer milf VR type content, you will get a raging boner just from the previews.

Pricing is pretty good too; they have four packages available from cheap to expensive. Teledildonic VR porn videos require a little extra work, so they are not available across all videos. Obviously, there is non-VR porn available on the site, just as you would wank to them and just not use the subscription-like your library card. Pros

  • They have crystal clear video available up to 4k, which is the minimum requirement now for virtual reality to be any good. This review highlights that very fact.


  • MilfVR caters to a niche that is lacking in the category since milf VR is named after that specialty, just as your specialty may be a doggy style “woof woof.”


  • It is amazing that the website has over 660 VR models that do the job with as much passion as this VR review is written with, not to mention rights reserved for all the respective actresses videos.


  • Milf VR has an almost ridiculous price at their beginner’s package, which is awesome. Who knew Milfvr would make choking the chicken so economical? These are signs of a good site. This review emphasizes that aspect.


  • It has content that is exclusive to Milfvr as they have rights reserved for most of their content. It is nice to see that the models are taken care of by Milfvr always to make money. Milfvr protects the people you jerk off to that is always a bonus. Way to go, Milfvr, keep it up!


MilfVR Cons

  • The site is limited to mostly milf content, so it is missing out on the other market. Milfvr needs to diversify its category, including tranny milf, which would be a very raunchy and delicious mix. Imagine a shemale cock fucking the delicious juicy pussy of a milf, something different, right? A website must-visit for all adults!


  • It is tiring, but this review is supposed to be unbiased so it needs to be said their lifetime package price is insane, come on MilfVR you can do better than that!


  • This review cannot fully detail the milf category problem as more than half the sex market audience likes these types of VR scenes. Vr scenes that consist of just guys mostly are not so exciting as it gets boring at one point. Mundane but high-quality content on a porn site will not get anywhere as a site like this originality.


  • As a VR site, like many other sites, it needs to iron out where they need to because their increase in pricing levels makes no sense. Sites like Milf Hunter or WankzVr have a more modest price and spicy content to get you a frequent erection. Although their download options are quite nice.

Top 10 Pornstars

Porn is nothing without its top performers, lucky for you! In this review, we list the top ten pornstars willing to wow you for the wank. It is a quality of a site, and the main attribute featured. No review can quite do it justice, the trial is a no brainer, as it is among the cheapest as a trial can go.

Porn too is an art, no site will deny that fact, and this site is no exception. Sites need a benchmark to live up to as well. Without further ado, this review does not tease you just as too much that foreplay is counterproductive. Now let’s look at the ten top-performing pornstars:

  • Silvia Saige
  • Cindy Starfall
  • Natasha Starr
  • Artemisia Love
  • Alison Avery
  • Sofi Ryan
  • Cory Chase
  • Tia Cyrus
  • Alix Lynx
  • Katie Morgan


Top Categories

Milf Solo

This category is outstanding because it is classic. Everyone always starts with the normal stuff and then move on to kinkier categories. Some people are not prepared for the extreme stuff. It tends to be too much for them in the long haul. Fapping should be fun, not fearsome!


A popular category that is trending in several places such as scene review, porn review, porn website, kink website, slut website, confession website, scenes blog, scenes website, etc. BDSM makes you want to shove a dildo up your anus. Sometimes, you need it every now and then.

Milf Orgy

The scenes alone make some people’s precum come faster than a bullet. These scenes awaken a certain ancient need we had when we were a more primal species. Sexually explicit scenes where ballsacks and vaginas intertwine, causing a river of cum to flow after all is said and done. Top scenes in these types of content are worthy of a download. If most of your download libraries are not orgies, then what are you doing?

Top 5 Scenes



How Easy Is To Use The Site?

Site navigation is very easy to do as it is neatly organized and user-friendly. It seems to look really busy when you have a look for the first time. But it gets easier to navigate once you are in it for a minute or two.

Filters are available; you can filter by popular, most viewed, least viewed, etc. This would have made the site really dumb if it was not there. No one wants to waste time on a year-old video when it comes to VR.


Video Stats


It matters the most as no one wants to see pixelated trash; that’s more of a dick limper than any other. It doesn’t matter how exotic porn is if you can’t even see it. This is why the 4k crystal clear, rich video and audio experience here is doing wonders for avid porn goers. Quality is something that makes or breaks this kind of business.

Streaming & Downloading

Both can be done quite easily but obviously only available for paid members. There are unlimited download options available for all second tier and above subscribers


As aforementioned ultra high-quality videos are available up to 4k. There is no need to worry about a shortage of pixels.

POV (180/360-degree)

Field of view can be changed, one can look around and almost feel they are being cast on the film set. This is a good option for those who absolutely cannot stand seeing the man in the video, and they can avoid that part easily.


All audio is studio-grade stereo sound, supporting even Dolby Atmos, which means you can technically watch porn in IMAX if it ever was possible. This is especially good as sound matters to a lot of people.

Male & Female POV

It’s both available but not for a lot of videos. This is a good feature as it makes the immersive factor go off the roof when watching. The sensual blowjob and ball-sucking almost feel too real!


Only available for paid members, and there is the extra trouble of buying the equipment. But if you can go through the trouble and have the money to spare, then it is highly recommended that you invest in this stuff. It just takes it to the next level. You will never fap the same way again, which is kind of the goal in the first place if you think about it.

Headsets Supported

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest
  • OMEN by HP
  • Pmax Vision 8k plus


Other Features of

They do not have an app, and that is acceptable. This is a specific niche, after all, and you cannot expect everything.

They have no games available, which was a good move on their part. Milf lovers come just for the sake of jerking off. No time for any games of any sort!

Regular videos are available too; they are quite sexy as well and feature good shots of the top models in the scene.


Pricing & Discounts

There are some videos you can view for free. They are great for a trial period at what you could potentially pay for. A good sample size is always a sign of goodwill that the company wants loyal customers. Customer retention is key for this industry, or else it will fail miserably, kind of similar to a limp dick!

There is a half-off offer going on right now for their tier three bundle, which is right before their lifetime package. The latter should be avoided at all costs unless you like throwing money for nothing, or you are rich as hell.


Payment Methods and Cancellation

They accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex. You can also pay with bitcoin, but the cancellation is only acceptable when paid by card.


Our Experience and Overall Rating

What We Like

The quality, content, and user-friendliness of the site are appreciatable. Most sites are beyond basic, but Milfvr has put in the effort to make it exotic.

We Don’t Like

Price could be better, especially for the lifetime bundle, no free goodies, and no option for the VR bundle. Most customers like to have everything in one place instead of surfing the internet for everything single thing!

Alternatives to MilfVR


MilfVR Review Final Verdict

We believe that when a choice has to be made, Milfvr is the right pick considering the fact that you love such a category. It covers a keen interest in the world of self-pleasure. This type’s specialization is executed well, which is more than expected, especially about the download option. That is what makes it a worthy contender in the landscape of sex videos. Need a milf? Just visit this site, fellow fapper!