Fly to new heights in entertainment,
Discover the ultimate hands-free gamin experience,
Be free!

Connected home technology. Virtual and augmented reality. Internet of things. No longer a dream for the future, the innovations in these new fields are just beginning, show no sign of stopping and will have an exponential impact on our daily lives.

Magically turning on the lights or locking your home from a distance is the new reality of the revolution of IoT. Soon, all of your appliances and applications will be connected to practically all of your devices to give you better entertainment, better home security or, quite simply, a better state of mind. Everything from window shades to washing machines and your coffee machine will be controlled on your smart phone.

Bird frees you from your tablet, computer and smart phone. Control the room, control all of the rooms, at a fingertip. No switching devices. No waiting. No complications. Use Bird’s technology to go from your smart phone to your television and interact with all your favorite apps in ways you never dreamed of. Lower the lights with a delicate up-down movement of your hand, start your coffee machine with a whisk of a finger and open your window shades with a swift gesture, turn on the television and start your robot vacuum cleaner – all from where you’re sitting in your living room. It’s not magic. It’s bird.

Virtual and augmented reality (AR & VR) is also leaping into levels of unimaginable proportions for the gaming world. With our cutting-edge wearable sensing technology, you can control AR & VR content using voice command, maneuver perfectly with gesture control and accomplish absolute and precise positioning that is unparalleled.

Maneuvering perfectly and with precision in gaming is not enough. At MUV Interactive, we know that the future with drones is inevitable. Archeologists are using drones to uncover artifacts with heat sensors in the air, the way we receive our future packages in the future will be using drones and humanitarian missions will use them to deliver medications and food supplies to people in need in remote, hard-to-reach areas. Bird adapts to drones effortlessly. With unimaginable ease, you too can control drones using nothing but your hand in thin air. Ready to start taking pictures from the sky using a camera drone?

No switching devices. No waiting. No Complications. It’s not magic. It’s bird.