Pornhub VR Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ejaculation?

Pornhub VR, man! The virtual reality revolution is pretty cool shit, right? Drop a few bucks, put on a helmet and you can fight aliens, fly spaceships, scale mountains or travel around the world on educational adventures.

You see everyone spinning their controls, blindfolded to reality, of course, and you have a totally different thought: I wonder what masturbating is like in that situation. Pornhub VR hub is striving to give you just the chance to experience all this madness.


The Pornhub VR is the king of quality with its 8k porn videos. Most people do not appreciate the production quality but it matters a lot in VR because everyone wants as real a deal as possible when it comes to seeing their favorite porn stars in action. Performers/models are available like a buffet ranging from the typical busty babe to more acquired tastes such as midgets.

Pornhub premium pricing is pretty decent for ultra-premium porn as it is only $9.99 per month and $7.99 per month if you pay in advance for the whole year.

Teledildonic scenes are unfortunately not available for all content and you need special tools to enjoy them. Pornhub also includes a brilliant collection of non-VR images/videos and they’ve done a fantastic job of building up a collection. It undoubtedly stands above most of the other VR porn sites in our view.

Pornhub VR Pros

Good price for premium VR porn: Pornhub premium pricing is phenomenal for what it is offering and now due to the pandemic (from 2020 April) it is even less! You can get it at a much lesser price on the yearly Pornhub premium subscription. Other sites offer a bit less but they offer less quality content as well, unlike.

Top pornstars in multiple releases per week: All their pornstars fit the bill quite nicely. They have that natural porn allure that a lot of good stars possess. They are not too cheesy and they can certainly do some good sex. From personal experience, they rarely have any content that is lackluster in the content department. There are plenty of updates and new movies per week with the frequency getting higher and higher with each year of reality porn production.

4k and 8k 360 VR porn: It’s good enough that they have 4k but 8k is a whole other level of quality. If you have the absolute best VR headset such as the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift then you will be fully immersed. People have said they’ve gotten wet just from just viewing the videos and before even masturbation ensued. It has been quite a long since porn videos had an actual lasting impression and VR is certainly the right route to go through.

Positions menu: One of the best features of Pornhub is the positions menu. Finally, a position menu where people can just enjoy how they want to have sex with a virtual reality porn experience!

Many viewers are avid sex maniacs who love seeing a particular position and get a raging hard-on. You can choose the cult classic doggy-style, the saucy cowgirl or even reverse cowgirl, or the Mormon’s tried and true missionary style. Most of the subscribers love Pornhub just for this feature, it is truly a must-have. Of course, there are lesbian and gay porn iterations of it such as rimming.

App available:  Pornhub app is very good. It is responsive, gets updates, and works well no matter the frequency of usage.


Pornhub VR Cons

Vague thumbnails: Sadly, the sexy thumbnails of Pornhub are very vague and it is hard to distinguish good videos from ones you do not want.

Interface color: From the looks, the overall interface of Pornhub could improve more with an elegant touch of creativity. Some visitors might find it plain boring and it might not live up to their “excitement.”

Position difficulty: To get a real feeling of virtual reality video, you have to place yourself in the same position as the subject, whether they are lying on a chair or something. This can be difficult, depending on where you are, especially if you have a tireless position to maintain the physics of your chair, couch, or bed.

Top Ten Pornstars on PornHub VR:

1.  Riley Reid

2.  Lacy Lennon

3.  Lacirena69

4.  Angela white

5.  Anissa Kate

6.  Lena Paul

7.  Nicole Aniston

8.  Elena Koshka

9.  Jaye Summers

10. Gabbie Carter


Top Categories on PornHub VR

Blonde: This is because it is a classic. You cannot go wrong with a blonde in VR porn as there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t like a hot blonde babe on his lap!

Lesbian: It was popularized first by men but enjoyed by women now more than ever especially girls who want to experiment. Lesbian porn videos have always been a serious turn-on for all who view it.

Cosplay: This category has become a modern sensation, as geeks and non-geeks alike flourish to these kinds of videos. People’s innermost desires to have sex with their favorite movie or anime character is now a thing of the past!

Top 5 Scenes

1. 2 Girls Pleasure One Man

2. Reagan Fox Fucks You

3. Big Eyes & School Uniform

4. Asian Massage Slut has Special Milking Skills

5. Lilian Stone Fucks You


How Easy Is To Use The Site?

Site navigation is very easy to do as it is neatly organized and user-friendly. Pornhub has improved over the years to better suit all users to find videos fitting to even the weirdest of fetishes.

Filters are available, you can filter by popular, most viewed, least viewed, etc. You can choose from different channels offering different classes of VR porn from the right-hand side. Some of them are VR Bangers, VR Cosplay, and Naughty America VR.


PornHub VR Video‘s Quality


It matters the most as no one wants to see pixelated garbage, that’s more of a penis limper than any other. Doesn’t matter how good porn is if you can’t even see it…especially if it’s VR content!

Streaming & Downloading

Both features are equally important to a different set of audiences. Some might want to stream directly as they might have the urge at that very moment whereas others might prefer to download and save it for later on. For VR content, both can be done quite easily but only available for Pornhub premium members.


As mentioned Pornhub VR offers ultra-high quality all the way up to 8k in their new launch. Videos with rich pixels are important because you can never have that perfect erection with degraded pixels!


In the Pornhub VR porn field of view can be changed, one can look around and almost feel they are on the film set. One always needs to feel that they are living that instant moment when experiencing VR porn.

Audio aka The Fuck Sounds

All audio in Pornhub VR is studio-grade stereo sound, supporting even Dolby Atmos, which means you can technically watch porn in IMAX if it ever was possible!

Male & female POV

Both are available but not for a lot of videos, be wary of the anal ones though!


With teledildonics, you can make your loved ones feel closer with the help of remote sex. It is only available for Pornhub premium members. However, there is the extra trouble of buying the equipment.

Which Headsets Pornhub VR Supports?

  • Oculus rift
  • Oculus quest
  • OMEN by HP
  • Pmax Vision 8k plus

Pornhub VR Pricing and Discounts

There are some videos you can view for free but they are great for a taste. If you like the service you can decide to pay either $9.99 a month or pay for the whole year with a one-time fee of $95.88 to have it at $7.99 a month.

Saving you an amazing 20%! There is a one-year free trial going on right now!


Payment Methods and Cancellation

Pornhub accepts all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex. You can also pay with bitcoin but the cancellation is only acceptable when paid by card. More recently, they have introduced an Australia and Puerto Rico direct deposit.


Our Experience and Overall Rating

What we like – The quality, content, and user-friendliness of the site make it top-notch. Most sites are beyond basic but Pornhub VR has put in the effort to make it excellent.

What we don’t like – Price could be better especially for the lifetime bundle, no free goodies, no option for VR bundle. Most customers like to have everything in one place instead of scouring the internet for everything else.

Alternatives to Pornhub VR

VR Bangers

VR Bangers is the first website to give members full-size pictures – an enhanced resolution of the best feminine talent in the world.


It is one of the first websites in virtual reality to do adult content and bring imagination to life.

Other Alternatives


Final Verdict: Pornhub VR Review

We believe that when a choice has to be made with other porn sites, Pornhub VR is a no-brainer. It covers the most important aspect of the holy ritual of enjoying a glorious release of jizz, which is quality.

The virtual reality content quality is unrivaled compared to other porn sites. That is what makes it the king of the VR wank world with all rights reserved. So yes, you can surely release the tap for the good old fap.