Connect with your audience,
wow the crowd & be extraordinary!

Bird is a game changer for anyone who has ever needed to get their professional message across and generate in-room social interaction.

Most presenters wish to fully engage their audience through various interactive materials – 3D models, visuals, web-based applications, animations and more. However, a truly effective presentation is one that allows the presenter to roam around the room and engage the audience directly while still interacting with the presentation materials. Whether you are a spokesperson representing a company on a stage or in a conference room, a team of architects presenting building schematics, a team of engineers on the manufacturing floor or facilitating tasks for decision-makers in a digital command center, bird intensifies the experience of demonstrating a product, a service or working as a team with your colleagues. Simply place bird on your finger and get ready to give your peers and listeners the most unique visual experience they have ever encountered.

But bird is more than a means to impactful presentations. The possibilities are endless. Surgical and medical procedures can be projected and interacted with in ways to make things more comprehensible for patients. Content will be greatly enriched using bird to guide groups in museums and monuments making any visitor experience unforgettable. Commercial and residential construction projects in real estate will get the wow-effect desired between agents and their clients. Designers, architects and engineers will collaborate in extraordinary new ways as up to ten people can interact with digital content using bird. Nothing is holding back the creative process. Any business-client relationship will only benefit with the enhanced visual and interactive experiences that only bird offers in one simple package.

Be limited only by your own imagination.