RealJamVR Review | Real Jam VR Is Jam Packed!

What’s better than fucking 1 hot porn star? Fucking 2, 3, & 4 hot porn stars. RealJam has a lot of threesome and foursome scenes to soothe our rapacious appetites. Imagine walking into a restaurant and not needing a menu, such is the exemplary “cum” tools on display. Stay awhile, read and maybe you might find the right reasons to purchase a membership by the time you’re done.

RealJam VR Site Review Summary

  • Update frequency of 5 videos per month. (at the time of writing)
  • 160+ jamming videos for you to download or stream
  • The max resolution is clear as water – 5K quality content.
  • They currently have around 300 models on their roster.
  • This VR porn experience will cost you $22 .95 for 30 days.
  • 3 months pass is $45.95.
  • 1-year access is $89.95.
  • Lifetime access will cost you $299.99.
  • VR Real Jam does not currently have any content which is teledildonic compatible.
  • Real Jam VR offers a Live chat bonus feature.

Pros of RealJamVR

  • OH WOW! A ridiculously impressive 5 videos per week. In December alone they’ve had uploads on the 4th, 9th, 14th, 17th, and the 21st. We have done reviews now on hundreds of sites like these but we have never encountered such an amazing update rate. Gooooo
  • Adding to our first point, the duration of these movies is also mouth-watering. Besides a few videos that date back to the early days of the website release, most of them are at least 30 minutes. Quite a few even go past the 60-minute mark. We think this is really great, you can sit down, be immersed in what seems like an endless fantasy of fucking.
  • The Quality of the models cannot be understated. Each of these girls is fucking stunning. Hot, young, and horny….our favorite combination. Brunettes & blonds are sexy enough to satisfy your European desires. On this site, it’s worth mentioning that they made a valiant attempt at inclusivity. Even though the main focus of this site is European girls, we saw a lot more Black, Asain, and Latina options that you get to fuck. We think that’s awesome, maybe you will too.
  • The Extra (Live chat), with this feature you can be even more immersed in the website and what it has to offer. The models are live on camera in real-time, as they strip and tease, users get to chat with the girls and leave comments. In doing so, you’ll feel so much closer to your favorite girls, hence making the experience much more personal.
  • For those new to VR porn, they have a good “How to watch” option that helps the more technologically “challenged” members.


Cons of RealJamVR

  • No User Features, because this site is growing, some browsing tools would be nice to have. Aside from tags, you don’t get any sorting options, categories, or any search engine. You can’t rate or leave comments on the scene or save your favorites.
  • Very limited extras and bonuses.
  • Though long scene run times may be a plus, it can also be a double-edged sword. Sometimes we want that quick “Nut”. Maybe some of these videos may take to too long to get into the hardcore fucking action that we crave.

Top 10 VR Porn Stars & Models on RealJamVR

  1. Blake Blossom
  2. Natasha Nice
  3. Kaisa Nord
  4. Asia Rae
  5. Emma Hix
  6. MJ Fresh
  7. Lulu Chu
  8. Katrina Moreno
  9. Kenzie Madison
  10. Aria Banks
  • All 18 years or older.


The Best RealJamVR Catagories:


This porn site is filled with every man’s or (woman’s) fantasy. Two hot babes ready, and waiting to fuck your brains out. There’s one scene featuring Rebel Lynn and a friend dressed as “Harley Quinn”, “Fucking crazy”! We really enjoyed this category, it gave us such good, mouth-watering content, remember 2 is always better than 1.


Virtual reality porn sites don’t always tend to have these types of hardcore movies, but RealJAmVR does, and we absolutely freaking love it! You can have it both ways, you can either watch 3 beautiful babes sucking and fucking you or you can be one of 3 men plugging all the holes these beautiful models have to offer.

Anal sex

Do you really need more details? You get to fuck these beautiful hard, rough, and without remorse. You stick your cock in their tightest hole…..look on as they whimper in pleasure, stroke after stroke.

Real Jam VR’s 5 Best scenes to “Jam” to:

Daughter in @perversefamily: Hard Deep Anal | RealJamVR

  • Look on as miss Lulu has her ass plugged by your cock.

Hot Robbery 4: Home Alone 46:33 min (

  • See as a pair of “Harley Quinn” Lookalikes get busted for theft.

Trick or Treat | RealJamVR

  • Halloween threesome sex surprise

Dream First Date | RealJamVR

  • Nurse Kenzie at your service.

Teach Me Anal 2: Latin Asses 54:04 min (

  • Brutally fuck these Latin whores!


How Easy Is To Use The Real Jam VR Site:

The site itself is very simple, but maybe a little too simple? That means it’s not interactive. There are no comments, rates, or add to favorites functions, and there are no rewards or extras. More search and sort options would be good to see as there are currently only a few tag words with videos to use for navigation and the simple top menu.

We had no technical issues, as we said, the site is pretty straight forward but would benefit from a facelift, maybe the color scheme as well. Maybe we’re a bit picky, but we have to be when doing a review because we always keep “YOU”, the reader in mind.


Video Stats

There’s nothing better than VR porn content in HD! The Quality of the scenes is 5K. This is what we believe to be the new standard for virtual reality porn. Every threesome became a Rembrandt in 5K. Every lude, intimate scene caught in clarity. There is zero chance of losing your boner here. None of their videos showed any signs of pixelation, you’re going to be hard until you bust your nut! The Production matched with the great direction in these scenes played a big in our arousal, the way the models moved, walk or talked, all these details made us excited.

Streaming and Download

All the videos are downloadable and they work with every VR Headset such as the “Oculus Go” & the “Samsung Gear VR”. For our reviews, we actually test out the most important features – streaming and downloading is definitely one of them. We downloaded these 5K videos and saved them in no time, and the streaming was also great. We did not notice any significant drop in video quality in both cases.


With Real Jam Vr the videos & scenes go up to 5K quality! (60 fps). Over 8 times an average 1080p HD video, also with mp4 format, no problem. We suggest you download it for the full quality though.

180 & 360 Degree View

Mostly offers 180-degree movies.

Male and Female POV

Like most reviews we’ve done, it’s mostly male POV, but there’s some good content for women who don’t mind a brief visit to “Girl on Girl” town.

The “Jamming” Audio

They say to see is to believe, but the Binaural audio allows you that grace without opening an eye. If the 5K video quality reminded us of a well-painted Rembrant, then the binaural audio can only be compared to a “Van Gough”. The Binaural audio has an important part to play in the user’s immersion into VR porn, and we think it plays it’s part splendidly! Each moan, each yell in yummy yearning can be heard distinctly and profoundly. We enjoyed it whole-heartedly, we think you will like it too.

Real Jam VR Compatibility

  • Windows mixed reality
  • Daydream
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • VR Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • Any smartphone Android/IOS

For this immersive VR review, we used the Oculus GO and the HTC Vive.

Note: Also this site is compatible with the generic cardboard VR headset for smartphones.


Membership Payment Method and Pricing

This VR porn site offers some sexy, steamy free clips. For everything else, however, you’ll have to pay the price. They accept credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Paypal Epoch, and Bitcoin.

  • $22 .95 for 30 days.
  • The 3-month pass is $45.95.
  • 1-year access is $89.95.
  • The lifetime pass is $299.99.

We think the prices are good value for money. If you need to get in touch with RealJamVR’s customer service, they provide a contact form. For billing issues or to cancel your membership, you’ll need to go through the biller you signed up with. Each is linked on the support page and the process is simple for all of them. Don’t forget, you must be 18 years or older to purchase.

Alternatives Site To Consider

However, based on our RealJamVr review, we can say that you most likely won’t be needing to visit other VR porn sites. It’s that good!


Our Overall Review of RealJamVR

What did we like about RealJamVR?

We really enjoyed the content variety on this site. We enjoyed a plethora of movies with run-times we had not seen before in other site reviews. The European beauties were an absolute plus, we liked that they sprinkled some diversity in here as well. WE WERE PLEASURED BY ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW HERE. Finally the update rate of new videos! About 5 each month, that’s a whole lot! We think maybe you’ll like that.

What we didn’t like about RealJamVR?

We didn’t like the limited navigational features, as well as the limited bonus features and site extras. Still, it’s worth mentioning that some videos might have been a little too long, but judge for yourself, visit maybe?


Overall Real JAM VR Review

This review gave us insight into a site that has a lot to offer. There’s a lot to be admired here, the content, video update frequency, stunning pornstars, one, and “Loads” more (Pun intended). So with all things considered we give RealJamVR a score of 4.7/5!