SexLikeReal VR Review: The A to Z Anthem

It seems that things keep getting better in the VR world. Why? Well… checkout SexLikeReal VR porn site and you’ll learn why. It will blow you away, literally. SexLikeReal is breaking free from the typical constraints of a VR site. A lot makes sense with SexLikeReal but the fact that they are concentrating on the Asian niche makes it even better (for most of us). Yes, this SexLikeReal VR Review is going to be quite a ride!


  • SexLikeReal is adding 180 videos in a month, which means they’re uploading almost 6 videos every day. This was totally unexpected as we have never seen such an uploading frequency before. It definitely makes them stand out among competitors! We can even say that this makes them one of the best in class!


  • As of today, SexLikeReal (SLR) has 10,400 VR videos available for subscribers. SexLikeReal claims to be the best deal in the market in terms of the number of videos available. We cannot really argue with that as its competitors indeed don’t have such a sex video database.


  • 6k is what SexLikeReal is offering as its max resolution for fuck videos. However, it is worth noting that the maximum normal standard they offer on the daily videos is 5k. Unfortunately, 6k resolution was available only for 1 remastered scene as of writing this review. Keep coming back though because these guys are likely to flat out with 6k production.


  • They have a very good collection of models but a lot of them are Asian. In other words, they are full of Asians and a little bit of Americano.


  • SexLikeReal has expensive pricing undoubtedly, even their basic option has quite a rich pricing. But, considering the number of sex videos available, I could argue that it is worth it!


  • Yes, they have Teledildonic scenes available and for the most part, these are pretty decent.


  • SLR has zero non-VR content, which is not a problem, as at this stage of the industry development – no one really cares about non-VR stuff anyway.

SLR Pros

Very Big Video Collection

SexLikeReal has a comprehensive library of VR videos that exceed the production volume of any other VR site out there. Most of the sites that we have reviewed have maybe a maximum of 500 scenes on average, some even struggled to match half of that.

No Scarcity of Pornstars

There are so many performers on the SexLikeReal platform, it is almost like they can start a nation together. Fap Fan Nation! That is what we want? Not really, we want all of our readers to have as many sexual experiences as possible in the VR world!

Their App is the Best

It has been quite some time since we raised a point about a site that involves their app. We feel that SexLikeReal has the best app in the market, it supports all devices and it is really responsive with different devices.

Their Content Samples are Great

SexLikeReal gives free samples that are representative of the “try it before you buy it” concept. A lot of VR porn sites lack this critical strategy. Free samples can take VR porn sites to the next level, provided they can keep up with the high quality and they can deliver on the full-length video too. Cons

Partner Sites are Lackluster

Even though Sex Like Real offers access to partner and sister sites, they are not really worth mentioning. Imagine you have an exotic sexual adventure but all you get are blondes? We are not complaining but it would be nice to have some flavor, right?

Paying for Single Videos Seems Like a Scam

VR porn cannot just cost like 5 dollars for a video and then 6 dollars for a pure subscription fee. Why bother buying one video, when you can get a couple of hundred additional VR porn scenes for a few bucks? I mean you can still go for the single VR video, but it is clear that paying extra will benefit you much more in the long run.

There is No Direct Search

Sex Like Real has some of the best VR porn videos in the industry, but you kind of stumble on them as searching these can be difficult. In our opinion, this is something they could improve upon as it’s hard to find the really-really good stuff.

Top 10 Pornstars

  • Nancy A
  • Riley Reid
  • Liya Silver
  • Veronica Leal
  • Shalina Devine
  • Elsa Jean
  • Little Caprice
  • Gabbie Carter
  • Lena Paul
  • Mila Azul


Top Categories


Everyone gets a little bit of yellow fever every now and then. When you do, Sex Like Real gets you covered with magnificent sex content from different studios. Busty hot Asian babes getting pounded in the ass, and different studios record this in surprisingly different angles. You’ll love it, believe me.


This category has been a top-ranking dish for Sex Like Real fans. For some reason, the people who subscribe get hooked and penetrate the hardcore segment at full force. Since you can find some of the best VR porn scenes on this VR porn site, then you are in the right spot to join with hardcore fuck lovers.


In this review, we feel that it would be quite a letdown if we don’t include VR scenes including lesbians among our top categories. Two girls going at it is one of the best things to watch IMO. Your hand goes to your cock automatically, don’t even get me started on the urgency. You’ll wank off at lesbian porn with a horny smile on your face.

Top 5 scenes

Want to see what it’s like to welcome a new girl to the industry? Kyler Quinn is a sweet and sexy teen that has no idea what she’s about to get herself into, but her talents just might surprise you when she drops to her knees to take your cock in a wet blowjob!

You are leaving on a vacation and you get a departing gift. What’s better than hot sex before hitting the road, right? We feel that there is nothing quite like it. 3 girls fucking you real hard before you fly off, how sweet!

SexLikeReal supports VR porn BLM content. And this anal video has really high quality. She rides the cock like a car in gridlock. So, get your Samsung VR gear and dive into it.

You are at a massage parlor with a fucking hot bombshell (you know the type). This girl literally breathes out the sex, so you have to bang her. Her body is just something to watch all day.

We can pretty much say this is the ultimate porn content to watch on a VR porn site. Just imagine you are watching VR porn while getting a real-life blowjob, raging boner activated!


Is It Easy To Use The Site When You Are Horned Up?

  • Site navigation – The app, as well as the web version of the porn site, displays content smoothly on all screens.


  • Filters available – They only have standard filters that are there but nothing fancy.


Video Stats

  • Quality – We are inclined to say in this review that SexLikeReal has great video production quality. Videos are clear and stunning to watch. There is no lag nor distortion whatsoever.


  • Streaming & Downloading – You can do both but we recommend you download as streaming content can be slow if you don’t have a fast internet connection.


  • Pixels (4K, 5K, 6K) – 5k is the standard that they are presenting and this is more than enough for any VR headset.


  • 180/360-degree – SexLikeReal has both of these video types available. Make sure you do not move your head too much or you will get a cramp.


  • Audio type – Binaural audio baby! We are very happy that they included this in their production. Audio matters when you are immersing yourself. Certain sites use a really shit microphone which is not great as audio gives you a true to life feel for the videos.


  • Male & Female POV – Both are available and presented in stunning quality, and angles that just make you feel the action. Actors and actresses are right at the center of the action. You will be totally hooked sooner than you think!


  • Teledildonics Available – On only specific videos it is available but we recommend going for these separate devices if you got cash to spare. A wank is not worth 3 figures for most of us. The old ways of wanking still work, right? Have some lube and use your hands for Christ’s sakes.

Headsets supported

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Sony PlayStation VR
  • HTC Vive Cosmos
  • Oculus Quest
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard
  • Pretty much all headsets Other Features

App – The SLR app is the best app we have seen made for a VR porn site. Unfortunately, many VR sites we have reviewed don’t have an outstanding app – SLR is not one of them! SLR actually invested some money to make an app worth praising. This app is so good as it makes the experience even more surreal and streamlined.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Can I get it for free?

Not at all, but you can watch sample videos and see if you want to be part of SLR fans. The quality of the video samples is very nice and the length is absolutely worth it to get a glimpse of what you can expect from the actual subscription. A lot of VR porn websites tend to have a micro-video aka a few seconds as a sample. NOT GOOD! We are very glad that SexLikeReal decided to use an alternative approach.

  • Trial

They do not really have a trial but discounted offers are available on the site. This is a bit of a bummer because some subscribers like to skim through more content than just one sample video before they subscribe. So, a 1-week trial that gives access to thousands of videos would have been sweet.


Payment Methods and Cancellation

SexLikeReal has the biggest array of payment options available we have seen. It supports everything from card to bitcoin. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you are ready to take your wank game to the next level but cannot pay. Luckily, there won’t be an issue of this sort on SLR.


Our Experience and Overall Rating

What Do We Like?

We like that their content library is amazingly large. This means that no user will never run out of videos to watch. We like the aesthetic feel of the site. They have an easy-to-use home page user interface with top videos featured nicely. We like that they accept all types of payment methods, as people sometimes stick to certain payment options (i.e. PayPal) and don’t consider alternatives. This means, if the site doesn’t have a certain payment option available, then… well you know what, right?

We also love the fact that SLR has a stunning app that is supported by all VR headsets. Compatibility kills when it is matched with an immersive VR sex experience.

What We Don’t Like?

We are a little bit turned off by the huge share of Asian content. It would be great if they could also have MORE models from different parts of the world. It’s weird to say this, but too many scenes can be a problem as well. Why? It may be hard to pinpoint a really good VR video when there are so many of them. Many cocks have gone flaccid when being indecisive about what to jerk off to. Just think about it, if you had a hot bitch available for whatever the fuck you want to do, would you think? Hell no! You’d start from the top down.

SLR has gone a little bit overboard with available menu items as it can get blurry when you are horned up. We also think that buying a single video would be a waste as for little extra cash you could get access to 1000x more content.

Alternatives to SexLikeReal

SexLikeReal Review Final Verdict

When all is said and done, a review would not be complete until we orgasmed. We are coming to the conclusion of this review and we are happy to say that SexlikeReal is a quality VR site that provides a wide selection of hot fuck videos. From its huge library to its pornstars and partner site offerings, it is quite a feast. Never again will you run out of things to jerk off to. You can fap till you gush out a huge load and go for a second round with SLR.

As with all things in life, nothing is perfect. SexLikeReal tries its best to amend its loopholes, but it needs to lay off the focus on Asian content and put more effort into diversifying its production. However, this is purely our opinion, so if you are fully into Asian, then by all-means go nuts on this site.