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A smorgasbord of petite and horny young girls who love women just as much as you do awaits you at SinsVR. This is one of the best website online today for those who want access to VR porn featuring hot and steamy girl-on-girl action. This includes everything from toy masturbation scenes to sensual stripteases and actual stripping. You’ll also find girls eating each other’s pussies out here as well. Come and join us below to know more about Sins VR in our review.

Sins VR Review Summary

Videos Update Frequency

It’s been months since SinsVR stopped updating content and uploading videos. This all started way back in May of 2020.

Number of Scenes

As of the moment, there are 118 full-length scenes available on SinsVR for you to search and watch, including a healthy mix of some of the best solo and lesbian scenes available on all the platforms we’ve reviewed.

Max Resolution

Videos over at SinsVR have a maximum resolution of 5K with some videos available at 90 FPS for a smoother viewing experience.

Sexy Models

There’s an excellent range of ethnicity and body types when it comes to the virtual porn content that you can see on the site. It doesn’t matter if you want to search for petite and svelte girls or hot ladies with big tits and asses. There’s also a healthy selection of blondes, redheads, and more, that’s available on the site.

With more than 40 drool-worthy top porn stars shown on their list that’s available for your viewing pleasure, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.


Before shutting the site down, you could access and experience pure unadulterated lesbian porn for at a monthly recurring rate of $14.99 a month. It’s the same price for three months. However, you could get a discount if you subscribed for 6 months at $71.95, which lowers the cost to $11.99 a month. First-time users can also opt for 30-day access for a $19.99 one-time payment.

Teledildonic Scenes

Teledildonic virtual reality scenes aren’t available on the site yet.

Includes non-VR images/videos

All content available on the site is of the virtual reality kind.

Cradle Of Sins VR Pros

High-Quality Solo Performances

The site caters to subscribers who like to watch well-choreographed and shot masturbation and foreplay scenes from the POV of someone who’s as if tied up and being teased by the best and hottest girls you can imagine.

Tons of Lesbian Scenes

SinsVR constantly innovates their content, adding unique plots and featuring their extensive pornstar roster in a variety of situations. You can watch them doing anything from masturbating using electronic devices to stripping right in front of you, getting massages, and the occasional facesitting on top of each other.

Impressive Visual Quality

The visual quality of VR porn on the site is the best. It has a 5K resolution and is shot in 3D environments. Although not unique to them, you’d be glad to know that you’re getting binaural sound so that you can hear every moan and shout as if they were real. The site also offers a 180-degree FOV, which is good if not pretty standard.

Diverse Porn Star Roster

SinsVR features some of the hottest and best babes in VR porn. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter what kind of lady you like. You can love big tits or big asses or blondes or redheads or Czech or French ladies or busty Latinas. Again, it doesn’t matter. The roster is full of hot and very real ladies in videos that will make you cum more times than you can count.

Cradle Of Sins VR Cons

No New Content or Subscribers

Since early 2020, SinsVR has stopped uploading new girl-on-girl adult content. The adult website has also since stopped accepting new subscriptions.

In-depth SinsVR Review


  • Sybil A
  • Darcia Lee
  • Katy Rose
  • Daphnee Angel
  • Nikki Fox
  • Aislin
  • Nata Ocean
  • Nicole Love
  • Josephine Jackson
  • Renata Fox


Top categories

No Male

When they say girl-on-girl action, SinsVR wasn’t kidding. If you like watching lesbian porn, this is one of the best platforms for that particular inclination or fetish. You won’t see any trace of male performers in many of the videos available on the website as they are focused on satisfying those who love solo and lesbian porn.

Solo Models

Speaking of solo porn, the website prides itself in having some of the best videos in the solo porn genre. Their performers clearly know what they’re doing. They know their way around their bodies to the point that you won’t even miss being able to virtual fuck ladies because you’re just content watching them toy with themselves in every way imaginable.


If you’re a fan of stripteases, this is the best place to be. Many porn videos available on the website feature hot and sexy ladies putting you at the proverbial edge of your seats as they take pleasure in teasing and toying with you as if you were just another one of their playthings.

Top 5 scenes

Ease of use

Site Navigation

Because there are only 4 pages on the website, navigating is easy even for first-time users. However, it would’ve been better if there was a search function. There’s no way for a user to search for a particular video or content they want unless they scan from page to page.

This is a shame because it would’ve been great if you had more of a choice than just looking for content based on the best- or top-rated videos.

Filters Available

There are only two filters available on the “Videos” and “Girls” pages on the adult website: “Recent” and “Rating”. The former allows users to filter videos based on when it was released. Meanwhile, the latter is for arranging content based on the best-rated ones, and yes, unlike other platforms, users can leave ratings on the videos.

Video Stats


Compared to many other platforms, the quality of the videos was top-notch. The lighting and location of shoots, as well as how much time they put into editing the videos to make them look the best that they can are evident. You’re sure that to find the quality of the video looking far from what other platforms are offering where it looks like it was shot by amateurs in their mom’s basement.


Although 5K resolution is no longer considered “industry-best”, it is still above industry-standard and some videos are available at 90 FPS, which is something that very few platforms offer.

180-Degree Videos

Videos on the website are only available at a 180-degree field of view. Most of us who watch porn using our headset a lot are already used to this since it’s what many platforms use anyway.

Audio Type

The binaural audio helps make the world that SinsVR has created more immersive and feel best. It makes each moan and scream feel real.

Male and Female POV

Unlike in other platforms, it’s not really clear if the POV is from a male or female perspective. But, if it’s any consolation, you’d be glad to know that you’re in for the best time ever either way.

Teledildonics available


Headsets Supported

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • Google Cardboard
  • PlayStation VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Daydream


Other Features

SinsVR didn’t release nor do they offer other content like games you can play and more.

Pricing and Discounts

Unfortunately, any interested user can no longer get a subscription to Sins VR since early 2020.

Payment Methods and Cancellation

Before closing the website down to subscribers and no longer uploading new videos, the site accepted the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Our Experience

What We Like

There is a very short list of platforms like SinsVR that offer ladies who know how to put on a show and play with themselves. So long as you’re used to or a fan of lesbian porn and girl-on-girl action, the pussies on the porn available on SinsVR are to die for and there’s an exciting number of shapes and sizes of breasts and butts that you can’t just help but use your VR headset to watch the best lesbian VR porn on Sins VR every chance you can get.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t think that there’s any part of SinsVR we’ll want to change except for making their site more navigational. It’s clear that they found a genre and stuck to it. There’s nothing else for us to add except maybe encourage them to improve their website if they ever decide to make it operational and let new users join again.

Alternatives to SinsVR

Final Verdict: SinsVR Review

SinsVR is one of the best platforms for any player who wants to try something new for a change. It’s full of hot girls who are real professionals. It’s clear in every scene you watch that they’re not amateurs and it’s not their first time. They really know how to use themselves and help pleasure each other. They are clearly used to doing it in front of a camera.

Unfortunately, at the time of our review, there hasn’t been a recent release for a while.