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Executive Team

  • Rami Parham, Founder, CEO

Rami Parham Founder, CEO

Rami Parham began privately as a game developer where he first realized the importance of interaction between users and their content. After graduating from the Technion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management and Engineering (Magna Cum Laude), he began his professional career as the information technology manager at Systematics Inc., going back to his core, Rami moved on to found MUV Interactive in 2010 where he is creating the next generation of human sensing technologies.

Have you ever solved a Rubik’s cube?My record is 1 minute and 22 seconds, last 30 moves are blindfolded

What is your all-time favorite app?Bird – it’ll change your life too

Do you remember your first cell phone?Of course, It serves me loyally to this day, as a door stopper

What’s scarier? Shark-diving, sky-diving or seed funding?Shark funding…

  • Yuval Ben-Zeev , Co-Founder, COO

Yuval Ben-Zeev Co-Founder, COO

Yuval Ben-Zeev is an accomplished high-tech entrepreneur with over 25 years of high-tech R&D;, sales, operations and management experience. Following chip design positions he transitioned to sales and marketing, holding VP positions at SCP, Libit and Voltaire. In 1998 he founded Bluetooth chip company Brightcom, sold to Flextronics. Following being GM of Flextronics Wireless BU he co-founded interactive toys company Tomotronics, and was CEO of software company Autofont prior to co-founding MUV. Yuval holds a BSEE in Communications and Computer Systems from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University.

Android or iPhone? iPhone. Yes, it is a little old fashion (where’s all the new good stuff like split screen and widgets???), however it almost never breaks.

What is your all-time favorite app? I have two (my daughters 🙂 )

Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Steve is much more intriguing.

Would you rather go a day without internet or without food? How can you order food with no Internet?…

  • Iris Toledano, Head of Marketing

Iris Toledano Head of Marketing

Iris Toledano – Head of Marketing – Brings to MUV over 15 years’ marketing experience at leading hi-tech companies. Before joining MUV, she served as Global Marketing manager at Cellebrite, a mobile data technology developer, where she managed the company’s brand worldwide, monitoring market trends and overseeing advertising and marketing activities. Iris previously held marketing roles at SanDisk, Playtech and ECI Telecom. Iris holds an MBA in Marketing and BA is management and communication.

Unicorns or Teddy bears?Unicorns for sure.

What is your all-time favorite app? I’m addicted to Pokemon Go, but it’s a secret…

Batman or Superman? I will have to choose wonder woman, I love the outfit!

Star Trek or Star Wars Can I choose Harry Potter? Spaceship movies make me sleepy…

Executive Experts

  • Raanan Gewirtzman, Board Member

Raanan Gewirtzman Board Member

Raanan Gewirtzman is a business executive and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in a variety of international technology companies. Raanan co-authored a dozen patents in processor design and verification. Before joining MUV Interactive, he served as the CEO of Broadlight and led the acquisition by Broadcom for over $200 million. He holds Practical Engineer degree in Mechanics, BSc cum laude in Computer Engineering and an MSc in Electrical Engineering specialized in Artificial Neural Networks from the Technion Institute of Technology….

  • Robert Parham, Advanced Technology Expert

Robert Parham Advanced Technology Expert

Prior to joining MUV in 2010, Robert Parham worked at IBM as a Senior Product Manager and at Microsoft Israel as a Program and Project Manager. While in the Israel Defense Forces, he was the Head of the Cyber Security Academy for Israeli Intelligence. Robert Parham received his MBA from Tel Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude) and his M.Sc. and B.A. in Computer Science from the Technion Institute of Technology (Cum Laude). He is currently pursuing his PhD in Finance from the University of Rochester.

Star Trek or Star WarsStar Trek. And my dog Sagan (named after Carl) can bark the entire theme.

They say startups are built on pizzas. Describe your perfect pizza.Wood-fired oven. Thin. Veggies and anchovies.

Do you remember your first cell phone?Sure. It was a green Nokia brick.

Name your favorite character from a film/book/show that you identify with.Tyrion Lannister 🙂

  • Danny Roup, PR and Broadcasting Expert

Danny Roup PR and Broadcasting Expert

Danny Roup is Israel’s most famous weatherman and a well-known television personality. He has hosted game shows, sport programs and other TV shows. Currently, he is working for Channel 10 as the chief meteorologist, head of weather desk for TV, radio and internet. A reporter of gadgets and technology in “Layla Calacali” nightly show-Channel 10 News, he has earned the reputation as the “Gadget King of Israel.”