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Are you turned on by babes bathing you with their hot and steaming golden shower but don’t necessarily always want to deal with clean-up? Well, say no more! One of the most unique porn sites out there, VirtualPee specializes in a different kind of virtual reality porn. Here, you can enjoy getting yourself immersed in the VR piss of the hot babe of your choosing.

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Virtualpee Review Summary

Videos Update Frequency

Virtual Pee doesn’t seem to have a steady stream of new scenes and updates (get it?). Instead, new videos are uploaded sporadically. Sometimes, it’ll be a week before new videos are uploaded. Other times, it’ll be a month if not more.

Number of Scenes

It’s definitely unfortunate that Virtualpee doesn’t update as often anymore. However, prior to their sudden slowdown, content used to come pretty steadily. As a result, there are more than 110 scenes of pee VR porn for you to enjoy.

Max Resolution

There’s no shortage of high definition resolution here. All videos are available in 4K. You’ll definitely love watching prime and hot porn stars peeing at each other and enthusiastically eating each other’s pussy.

Performers & Models

There are roughly 60 models for you to choose from on Virtualpee. They’re all aged between 18 to 25 years old. Each one, if not a majority, of the girls seem to be based in Eastern Europe.

VirtualPee Price

A membership to Virtual Pee doesn’t come cheap. The specialized content on the site comes for a rather steep price of $29.95 for one month. However, you can save yourself a bit of money by paying $99.95 for a 6-month subscription. You can lower the cost down even further by subscribing for one year for $149.95.

Keep in mind that all the costs are recurring, so you’ll want to cancel before you’re charged again once your membership has run out.

Teledildonic Scenes

There are no teledildonic scenes on VirtualPee as of the moment.

Non-VR Images & Videos

Don’t expect to find non-VR content on VirtualPee. The site is dedicated purely on providing VR porn for the piss lovers out there.

Virtual Pee Pros and Cons

Exclusive Pissing-Centric VR Scenes

A lot of times, VR scenes are available across multiple sites. However, the pee videos that you see on Virtualpee is unique to this site only. Unlike other VR porn sites, all the high-quality content here is theirs and theirs alone.

So, if you want to watch girls get down and dirt while playing with their pussies and spreading them wide open for you to watch them piss, this is the place to be.

Hot Girl-on-Girl Action

More than just the pissing, Virtualpee also features some pretty hot and steaming girl-on-girl action. A lot of the exclusive scenes will let you enjoy watching babes hooking up with each other and pissing for you, as well as on top of their bodies.

More Than 100 Exclusive Scenes

Even though Virtualpee has not updated its content as often as before, the updates do still come. More importantly, prior to slowing down, Virtualpee was able to create a pretty sizable library of more than 100 videos. All of these feature gorgeous models pissing at each other, on you, and for you.

As a bonus, some of these 3D scenes are available in 360 degrees, and all have binaural audio. All videos are also available in 60fps. This makes for smooth and immersive pee videos that feel like you’re right there and part of the action.

Excellent Compatibility With VR Devices supports multiple VR devices. This includes the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear VR. This means that it doesn’t matter what kind of VR headset you have. As long as you’re subscribed, you’re guaranteed access to the babes and models of the first website to specialize in piss VR porn.

The best part is that Virtual Pee has one dedicated section for helping users figure out how to play, watch, and download their videos.

In-depth Virtual Pee Review


  • Naomi Bennet
  • Jessica Lincoln
  • Paulina Soul
  • Rachel Evans
  • Foxie T
  • Licky Lex
  • Sophia Grace
  • Lena Love
  • Selvaggia
  • Lola Shine


Top categories

Body Liking

If you fancy beautiful models licking each other clean, then you’re in for quite the treat. The babes of Virtualpee love licking each other’s pussies while the other is bended and screaming in pure unadulterated pleasure.

Solo Girl Pissing

Girl-on-girl action is nice, but the exclusive babes of Virtualpee know how to play with themselves just as well as with other girls. They do a good job at making themselves cum and piss in all of its golden glory. Sometimes, they even use nothing but their hands.


Earlier, we mentioned that many of babes featured on videos on Virtualpee are from Eastern Europe. However, fans seem to love the babes of Virtualpee that are brunettes, whether it’s natural or not. It must have something to do with the alluring beauty of their dark brown hair that makes watching them do some good pussy licking and pissing in front of the camera so irresistible.

Top 5 scenes


Ease of use

Finding the right pee videos on the site is very easy. It’s very friendly for both mobile devices and VR. You’ll see what you want almost immediately with the help of the sorting options and tags. The site even lets any user leave comments on scenes and rate them. As a user, you can also add a particular scene to your favourites for easier viewing later on.

As a bonus, all the babes and models in Virtualpee are listed conveniently on the model index for your viewing pleasure. They even threw in some pretty useful details as well. This includes a complete list of all their sites and how users have rated them

Video Stats


The site prides itself on its fully immersive and high quality exclusive content. This is highlighted by the 4K resolution with 180- and 360-degree perspective options.

Streaming and Downloading

All the exclusive content is available for you to download with no limit. You can also stream the exclusive videos directly on your preferred VR device if you want.


The quality of every video on Virtual Pee is surprisingly high considering that the resolution maxes out only at 4K resolution. This is unlike in other sites where the maximum resolution is 5K, 6K, and sometimes even 8K.

Perhaps this just goes to show that video resolution isn’t as important as many sites make them out to be.

360-Degree Videos

Not every video on the site has a 360-degree perspective, but a sizable number are. More importantly, all have a 180-degree perspective.

Audio type

All videos on the site feature binaural audio. This makes every moan, scream, and a stream of piss coming out of each hot babe feel as realistic as can be.

Female POV

You’ll find no videos on the site viewed from the female perspective. All are viewed from the male perspective. Although, if we’re being honest, we’re not really sure if you’re male or female. This is because you’re more of a bystander and a peeping tom than an active participant.

Teledildonics available


Headsets supported

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Google Cardboard
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR

Other features

Unlike other sites, a user can leave comments on the movies on Virtual Pee. This is a small but great improvement. Though we’d have loved to see images and other non-VR content, we supposed that’s asking a lot already. The fact that the site has plenty of piss-happy European babes ready for you to view anytime is a neat feature on its own.

Pricing and discounts

No. There are no free members for the site. Members, however, can avail of a 2 day trial for $2.95 that will bill automatically as $34.95 (good for 30 days) if not canceled before the two days are up.

As mentioned earlier in our membership details, members can subscribe for a month, for six months, or for a year.

Payment methods and cancellation

Members can cancel their subscription days before it ends so that you’re not charged again.

Alternatives to Virtual Pee

Our Review Experience

What We Liked

We liked that the movies are all exclusive. Every new upload is great and makes for a very good view if you’re a fan of these types of porn. Not to mention, those who are able to view the movies first can leave ratings and comments for others to see. This effectively lets you score each video you watch. This is a huge help for those looking to find great content.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t really like the small variety of women here. It seems the site is too focused on featuring only European babes peeing. Some might no longer be brunettes, but they still have the same facial and body. We’d love to have seen other babes from other races peeing in front of us and on us.

Maybe that’ll happen in the future, but we don’t expect that to happen soon, what with the weekly updates being suspended for quite some time already.

Final Verdict: Virtualpee review

If you’ve spent days searching for a good place to score some pee porn, then you should check out the small but quality library of Virtual Pee. We love how you can check the comments and ratings, as well as the score of each video. However, what we love the most is that all the videos are very immersive and feel very life-like.

It’s a shame that you’ll have to wait many days for an update for the next virtual reality piss porn on the site, but that is a small compromise to pay. The fact that this site is the first one and arguably the only site of its kind makes a subscription well worth it.