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Greetings and salutations fellow fappers, we welcome you to another sizzling yet juicy VR porn site review. Just when you think things could not get any better we discovered We all love to gander at some sort of porn every now and again, and this site is no exception. However, VirtualRealPorn is taking your experience to a whole new level. This is why we believe you are going to enjoy this one. Enough with the suspense, let us get on with the show, shall we?


How Often Videos Are Updated?

VirtualRealPorn has a great video update frequency. They release two videos every week, and that is understandable as they are making hot as fuck VR porn. Other porn sites tend to do update only once a week but that is changing in recent years. For example, Pornhub VR is trying to change the industry norms from that perspective.

Number Of Scenes

Virtualrealporn has 460 scenes to choose from, so it can suit most of your horny needs. In our opinion, that is quite a big number. Other VR porn sites hardly come close to half a grand in terms of scenes. We think VirtualRealPorn ticks all our boxes in terms of the number of videos.

Max Resolution

They definitely stand out, as they provide is 5k resolution videos. We think this is adequate as VR devices have optimal support for this. The 8k is the industry top but if you cannot execute on higher quality it is better to stick to what you do well.


VirtualRealPorn has a whopping 190 pornstars in their arsenal. We feel satisfied with the number of people willing to perform on sex kinks. In trying times like these it is nice to see people being available for jizz vacuuming videos. We know some people may think porn is not a necessity, we say, tell that to morons, not our fappers! Spectacular models are a MUST for great porn and this site definitely has an abundance of them.


Pricing starts at 19.99 euros per month, 3 months for 9.39 euros/month, and an annual 7.50 euros/month. All of the prices are recurring on a monthly basis. They are charging quite a bit but for the type of videos they are providing, it is acceptable in our view. We feel that the yearly subscription should be your best bet, as the monthly cost will be the lowest.

Teledildonic Sex Scenes

With great pride, we can say that VirtualRealPorn was the first to innovate on teledildonic scenes. Yes, my good masturbating readers, VirtualRealPorn was the first to bring in interactive teledildonic to sex videos. Our research shows that a lot of porn sites have been lacking to some degree in the teledildonics front, as setting up teledildonic can get costly.

Non-VR Images & Videos

We think VirtualRealPorn was always been ahead of time. It has an interactive game available that can be a great substitute for VR Porn videos. The game is called “VRLove”.


Top-Notch Content

The video quality that they are providing is one of the best, they are not lacking here. From full HD to 5k, it is a dream to stroke your cock right along the shaft watching porn this good. If VirtualRealPorn had only Full HD it would have been a major disappointment in our view. As always, we believe in quality over quantity and they definitely don’t lack quality fuck scenes.

Huge Cumload of Videos

VirtualRealPorn really hit the G-spot with its entire library. Video quality is one thing but VirtualRealPorn really deepthroated their numbers. Porn is good in large mouthfuls like any balls-deep blow job, Virtual Real Porn did the job right. Fappers get tired of repeated reviews, and just like us, VirtualRealPorn keeps it fresh!

First to Innovate

We were almost in tears, or rather cumshots when we discovered VirtualRealPorn was the first. It is no small feat to integrate teledildonics into a video. Per week they have a teledildonic integrated video for you to enjoy. VirtualRealPorn seems like one of the best porn sites which know how to move up in the VR world. Vr porn is very technological to those who don’t know about it. However, sometimes the profit is spent in the wrong places. Luckily, this site is investing in the right places.

Comparatively Good Prices

We think VirtualRealPorn offers a good deal on its annual pricing. But Virtual real porn has gone ahead and gives an under ten annual offering. Virtual real porn as a VR porn site has a method in making you committed. The videos they have are hot as hell so the deal is not bad. Every week it would cost under 3 euros so not bad at all! We know 8k would be great but 5k for these prices is good enough.



No Taste Before Purchase

We believe in fornication before marriage is a good tactic. It seems that Virtual real porn is leaning towards arranged marriage. They want you to commit before you can try the goods. Vr porn sites should always give a trial, Virtual real porn really gave us blue balls with this move. Virtual Real Porn is a VR video site that provides videos to paying customers, but video clips should be available to non-paying customers too.

The Basic option is Terrible

A porn site should not charge 20 euros for the one month option. Virtual real porn costs 2 meals worth of money. A VR video provider has no right to charge that amount for one month. Charging something so high is clearly unfair to the viewers. It is just video, we think this VirtualRealPorn review should remain unbiased. They should ease up on the lube if you know what we mean.

Lack of Partners

Virtual real porn does not also believe in making breakfast after morning sex. Virtual Real Porn is not in partnership with any other porn site, we as VR porn specialists think this is a wrong tactic. A VirtualRealPorn review would not be complete without this mention. It is as necessary as a condom to have alliances in the vr porn world. Other VR video suppliers have nice combo deals with other vr sites. Vr porn videos that are complementary from another site making videos for headsets are always welcome.

In-depth VirtualRealPorn review

VirtualRealPorn has some very sexy actresses for you to jerk off to their high-quality VR videos, wank thank, and spank. Flink the bean for these top ten porn stars and thank you very much for your patience, here you go:


  • Nelly kent
  • Julia Parker
  • Evelyn Dellai
  • Charlie Red
  • Alexis-Crystal
  • Katy Rose
  • Lola Myluv
  • Candy Alexa
  • Sybil A
  • Rebecca Volpetti


Top 3 Categories


Ladies and gentlemen as expected this category is yet again at the top. Of course, everyone loves this category, lesbian videos are videos that make all men and women fap off. It consists of videos of girls tribbing, 69-ing, and spreading their pussy-lips of the other girl while licking her vagina. VirtualRealPorn has some very juicy videos in the lesbian category.


Videos with a big black cock have appealed to the eye of many of our female fappers. There is something that entices a woman to put her hands in her pants at videos of black cocks getting fucked. Videos of this type have intrigued the ladies of the planet for a long time. Even some men watch them feel that they are the guy with the African gun!


Modern times indeed increased the interest in BDSM, so VirtualRealPorn has made their site filled with this category. A VR porn site without BDSM has a lack of integrity in our view. VirtualRealPorn, luckily, has not made that mistake and included very exciting BDSM videos on their site. However, worth to note, recent offerings on this VR porn site have been less of BDSM and more of interracial.

Top 5 scenes

  1. We like describing high-quality videos in our review, this one has a sexy girl taking it up the ass with a flare.
  2. Your visit to the farmers just got you some chili. A full sex video right in the market place will get you a hard boner.
  3. Ever been in a sleepover with ladies? If you did you are familiar with what might happen when naughty girls get together. No guys, they don’t actually have a pillow fight. That would be cute though.
  4. Two words – soapy tits. All you need for a good old-fashioned quickie or a single hand action, quick flick, etc.
  5. Hate the gym fellas? Well, not anymore when you see what you can do on gym equipment. You will want to “workout” more often at the gym once you’ve seen this one.


Ease of use

Site Navigation

Site navigation is quite “lovely” & easy, they have a good ribbon bar with enough options. We feel they should have had a universal search bar. The search only works on the videos and porn stars section.

Filters Available

The usual filters are available where you can search for videos by likes, most-watched, length, etc. Filters are always a must-have when you need to look for the porn that appeals to you. They do a great job in that sense.

Video Quality

●  Quality – 5k is great to work with especially on a good VR headset. If paired with fast internet, it’s deadly.

●  Considering the slowest connections, we advise you to download before watching.

●  Pixels: From HD to 5k, there are a lot of pixels for you to fully immerse yourself in it.

●  Sadly, they only have a 180-degree POV.

●  Audio Type: Binaural sound is a dream in the VR videos world and this site has it. The realism aspect of the site becomes quite scary!

●  Teledildonics is available.

Headsets Supported

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus GO
  • Oculus Quest
  • HTC Vive

Other Features

  • Games – They have a game called “VrLove” available to play on the site itself. Something to do while you are downloading your next fuck scene.
  • Also, VirtualRealPorn has one of the best apps on the market as of right now. The site has done it justice!

Pricing And Discounts

Virtualrealporn does not offer more discounts to new members, so where is the appeal? You can try out their yearly pack offer. Actually, start with 1 month one. Check it out first and if you like, make the commitment.

They offer no trial, bummer you know.

Can I get It For Free?

Not really, not even a sneak preview!

Payment Methods And Cancellation

You can pay with any debit or credit MasterCard or Visa. Other than that PayPal is there too, the last time we checked.


Our Experience And Overall Rating

What We Like

We think VirtualRealPorn outdid itself as a site in general. It has all the necessary bells and whistles to get cum out of your dick ASAP. Other than the ruthless basic option, everything was acceptable except the pricing. Video quality is great and there is large enough porn stars available.

What We Don’t Like

They need updated servers cause it is just impossible to stream 5k sometimes, even on a good connection. Also, there is no universal search, which would be very useful for all of us.

Alternatives To Virtualrealporn


VirtualRealPorn Review Final Verdict

In our opinion, you should have a great overview of the site after reading this review. We know our readers need to be informed about each and every aspect of a VR porn site. Therefore, we tried to keep the VirtualRealPorn review fresh and tight like a virgin’s pink pussy. So, we hope you like VirtualRealPorn as much as we do.