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Virtual Reality has made our lives much more exciting and fulfilling. VR has made porn into something we never thought was possible. Quality is at a new level just as fapping has been elevated to using fleshlights and dildos. In this Virtualtaboo review, we will take a look at what makes this site stand out among its peers.


On VirtualTaboo, you have a total of almost 500 scenes at your disposal, which we think is amazing. It is rare to find a site like VirtualTaboo that has a lot of content available. This is simply because niche-focused porn sites do not emphasize much on expanding their porn content. According to them, 3 videos are uploaded to VirtualTaboo every week according to their site, which means uploading 12 videos every month, or 144 video scenes a year. In our opinion, this is satisfactory because the more content viewers get, the more option they have to choose from and jerk off with pleasure.

The max resolution offered is topped at 7k. VirtualTaboo may not have 8k, but 7k is good enough to wear virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive.

VirtualTaboo has some of the sexiest models out there. They have shown an interest in busty naturals, a key aspect of taboo porn. Overall, there should not be any issues with the content quality at VirtualTaboo.

The prices are ranging from $10 to $250. VirtualTaboo is following the same standard of pricing as most of the other sites. We think that their single offering is useless as it gets you only one video. The lifetime access option that VirtualTaboo is offering is a great deal and a bit cheaper than any other VR porn site. For example, EmilyBloomVR offers $599 for lifetime access, whereas VirtualTaboo offers $250 for a lifetime deal.

VirtualTaboo did not, however, leave alone the teledildonic scene as it is a hot topic now. Instead, they have great videos that make good use of teledildonic toys. If you’re into teledildonics, then this review will take a deeper dive into this section, so keep reading.

As the name, VirtualTaboo suggests, there are no regular videos, just the VR scenes. We think this does not matter that much, as a VR porn website should be all about VR anyway. Thus, Virtual Taboo has done enough to meet our minimum criteria for one of the best VR porn sites.



Virtual Taboo has a great repertoire of scenes available for viewers, much of the site consists of VR scenes that hit the target. In our Virtual Taboo review, we found that their video quality and production quality meet our highest rating criteria. Though it is not the top of the class, Virtual Taboo does have 7k, but it’s still amazing.


Virtual Taboo has almost 500 videos to date, a huge load like the one you gush out. Virtual Taboo uploads three scenes per week. We like this as it should be enough for regular fappers. Don’t forget Virtual Taboo has already uploaded almost 500 videos beforehand, so it will be a while before you run out.

Busty Naturals

VirtualTaboo has many naturally busty performers, which is great because taboo porn will seem fake if a mother in the family has fake tits. This is a core factor that makes taboo porn appealing in the first place. The maid with fake big tits? That’s regular rubbish.

Supports Most VR Porn Devices

Virtual Taboo has support for all its content. The content can be viewed at mind-boggling clarity levels. Whatever VR device you have, this site that has your taboo content covered. Whether it is Google Cardboard or Gear VR, they have your back. The teledildonics support also ranges from cheap items to branded goods like the Lovense Lush 2.


No non-VR Taboo content

When we review VR content, especially at a VR porn website, we like seeing some normal content. This has a psychological benefit as when you are stroking to get the ball rolling, and you need an appetizer. Diving straight into good quality content, but not into VR content, is a good way to start. Still, this is not a major issue, but just a matter of preference.

There is no trial

Virtual Taboo doesn’t have any trial offers available, only a sample video. In our opinion, they could have just offered a one-week free trial at an introductory price. There should always be a minimum trial option, how else you’ll know what you are buying.

Laggy on certain headsets

There could be a lag while using cheaper headsets. Unfortunately, we have not found the exact reason why it happens. Other than the Google Cardboard, Virtual Taboo is also laggy on 3rd party cheaper VR headsets. Perhaps this is why our readers jerk off using high-priced VR headsets from top brands to avoid these problems.

VirtualTaboo in Depth

Top 10 Pornstars

  • Sophia Traxler
  • Natasha 10
  • Red Bird
  • Sia Siberia
  • Lucy Li
  • Shalina Devine
  • Vanna Bardot
  • Georgie Lyall
  • Taylor Sands
  • Emily Cutie

Top Categories

Busty Naturals – This category is the most popular one chosen by everyone in the taboo niche. Our VirtualTaboo review has found that all the premium subscribers finish this category of porn first before the others. It is prevalent because a site like this needs to be logical. If a taboo site emphasized fake tits, it would be looked at negatively.

Lesbian- Lesbian is a category that always needs to be monetized as it is quite sexy. There is quite nothing like stroking the shaft to a nice lesbian stepdaughter having sex with her mother. In our opinion, we like seeing lesbian content on taboo sites more and more. When you almost cum to a 69 scene, it just takes your breath away!

Interracial- This genre spices things up, introducing juicy latinas and black girls into the mix. When the family gets a new latina maid, and the whole family smashes her juicy pussy, there is different masturbation. The mind and your cock get a similar yet distinguished feeling of pleasure.

Top 5 scenes

  • In this video, a performer does some very erotic things with two cocks. Hint-hint: This is a good video for people who like bukkake. Watch NOW!
  • One of our personal favs, laundry day could not get sexier! Deep thrust occurring in full swing while the clothes are getting clean. We believe you will love this one. Watch Video!
  • This one pushes the boundaries to the limit with a hot family that has tension in the air. Every frame here has you feeling the sexual urge and thirst that these whores need to quench. Let’s see it right now!
  • If you have a crush on your own mother(we don’t judge), then instead of acting on the real thing, this is a good option. Covers nearly everything you would do to your own mother, down to the dirtiest penetrations. Watch NOW!

Ease of use

As far as site navigation is concerned, this virtualtaboo review finds it to be satisfactory. As always, we review the non-sexual aspects of a site too, every little bit counts. The site is fast with no sort of lag even on a slow connection.

There are no comprehensive filters available just a basic search that you can put in keywords. Also, there is no advanced search option. We think they should have done better in this case. There are however tags that you can use to jump straight into a genre.


  • Quality – Both content and video clarity are optimal in VirtualTaboo, with no grainy garbage presented in any scene. As always we value quality over quantity.
  • Stream/download – You can stream if you are a paid member, there are no free options. You can only download after you are a member. The sample you can download is small for our taste.
  • VirtualTaboo has a max resolution of 7k for its VR offerings. This is not the industry top but it is understandable as 8k is not native yet. In our opinion, we believe that it is more than sufficient.
  • 180/360-degree – VirtualTaboo has both 180 and 360 POV available for all paid subscribers. VirtualTaboo has amazing content in this category. Make sure you’re alone!
  • Audio type – Fully immersive binaural audio available for all videos. If you see someone fucking a bit far away, they will sound like it too.
  • Male/Female POV – VirtualTaboo offers both but a bit more on the female side of things. We believe no straight man wants too many male POVs (forgive us, we laughed a little). We think that VirtualTaboo has done a good job on this part of their business.
  • Teledildonics – It’s available but we think that you should only go for this if you can afford it. We believe all our readers are rich in heart, in finance, it greatly differs, nothing to judge!

Headsets Supported

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest
  • Google Daydream

Other Features

There’s nothing to discuss about its additional features. Consider this part of the review as the moment after you cum. Yes, we know it sucks!

Pricing and discounts

There are no free trials of any sort, only sample video downloads.

Payment methods and cancellation

You can pay with PayPal which is their most secure offering, otherwise, there’s all the usual Visa, MasterCard options available. We are sad to see no bitcoin payment method. Some people take privacy very seriously. Cancellation can happen anytime If you wanna jerk off somewhere else that is.

Our Experience and Overall Rating

  • What we like – We are happy to find natural busty women among their actresses, the quality and quantity of the site as well as the hardware support. This combination of positive aspects is hard to come by these days.
  • What we don’t like – Their prices are weird except for their lifetime offering. They have no non-VR content which is what we wanted to see as it is a perfect appetizer for real deal VR porn scenes.

Alternatives To VirtualTaboo

Final Verdict: VirtualTaboo review

We think we have covered VirtualTaboo head to toe, just like the POV you will go and see after reading this. We think that overall VirtualTaboo has tried to make ends meet as best as possible given the situation. There are many VR sites like this but the difference being that they concentrate on a niche.

The Taboo niche to be exact and we feel that they have done a banging job of delivering the content in this niche to the VR audience. Virtual Taboo has delivered what it tried to do with flying colors (or in this case cocks). It’s a site that shows true promise to “keeping it in the family” for those who seek sin as a getaway.