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VixenVR promises to get you closer than ever to hot and gorgeous girls when you use your VR headsets to be the dirty little old peeping tom that you always knew that you were and watch all these hot vixens shower and masturbate in VR porn with a 360 degree field of view and binaural sound.

Read on more below in our review to find out if the site lives up to expectations or not.

VixenVR Review Summary

Videos Update Frequency

VixenVR doesn’t have an exact figure on how often they’ll add hot and steamy VR porn. Instead, they only promise to add “new videos and experiences regularly” as they work “feverishly to produce new content as often as possible.”

Number of Scenes

There are roughly around 50 porn scenes on VixenVR you may choose from as of the time of this writing.

Max Resolution

The videos on VixenVR has a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1620.


There aren’t as many performers and models on VixenVR to check out on the site as their focus on VR Porn content is towards quality, not quantity.


Unlike other websites where you pay a monthly fee, VixenVR uses a credit system where you purchase non-expiring currency as you go along.

This currency is available via the following packages:

  • $2.95 for 4 Credits
  • $20 for 40 Credits
  • $25 for 60 Credits (save $5)
  • $30 for 80 Credits (save $10)
  • $35 for 100 Credits (save $15)
  • $50 for 200 Credits (free headset + save $50)

The most cost-effective membership is getting 200 credits since you get a free headset in return as well.

Teledildonic Scenes

No. There are no teledildonic scenes on VixenVR as of the moment.

Extra VR Stuff

Outside of typical VR porn, VixenVR is also a nice source for other content. They have a more intimate VR experience with the VixenVR apartment and they have a Virtual Reality Strip Club via VRClubz. They even have an interactive virtual reality game titled “Temptation Towers” that makes it very unique from other sites.


Free Headset

If you paid 50 for 200 credits, you also get a freebie for watching VR videos.

360-Degree Field of View

Most adult VR porn only comes with a 180-degree FoV. Some can go up to 220 FoV. Only a few like VixenVR goes as high as 360 degrees. This results in a more immersive VR porn experience, especially when paired with the binaural sound feature.

Excellent Content Variety

You can use your VR headsets to watch more than just regular VR porn on the website. You can also play games and consume many other kinds of porn content.

Unique Payment System

VixenVR offers a unique payment system where you pay for a virtual currency instead of a monthly fee. Because the currency doesn’t expire at all, you can buy videos (they cost anywhere between 4 to 8 credits) anytime. This is perfect for those who don’t do it enough to justify the cost of membership.


Small Library

Unfortunately, VixenVR doesn’t have that big of a library of hot and sexy girls compared to other sites, and most VR videos are rather short in comparison to its competition.

No “Search” Functionality

While the blog is indeed a nice touch, the lack of a “search” function makes it difficult to navigate the website of VixenVR.

In-depth VixenVR Review

Top Pornstars

  • Jacquelyn Michelle
  • CJ Sparxx
  • Natasha Adams
  • Pashence Marie
  • Chloe Amour
  • Alexis Monroe
  • Adria Rae
  • Megan Rain
  • Tasha Reign
  • Reya Sunshine


Top categories

Girlfriend Experience

Find yourself a new and different virtual girlfriend who’ll have sex with you in every way imaginable every chance that you can get via the site.

Lap Dance

Sometimes, we all just want to be teased with a private lap dance. However, it’s hard and not always possible to get one. But, thanks to the videos on Vixen VR, the site offers plenty of videos already released featuring different adult foxy ladies seductively stripping down and dancing in front of you provocatively.


A lot of the video content on Vixen VR lets you ogle at women as they take a shower, swim in their pools, masturbate, and play around inside their dressing rooms.

Ease of use

Because there’s no search function, you can’t exactly look for specific girls on the site. It’ll be hard to manually browse through the pages.




The quality of the videos released on the site is good, as we’ve found in our review. It leans less towards hardcore than we expected, but they are shot professionally and available in 3D.

Need to download

You’ll have to download the videos using your credit upfront. There’s no way to stream the videos.


All videos on the site are available in a perspective that makes for a more immersive experience as you drool at girls doing a private lap dance in front of you like their lives depended on it.

Audio type

The website uses binaural audio that makes every whisper and giggles feel even more real.

Male POV

All the videos on the website are in a male POV.

Headsets supported

  • Oculus DK2
  • Oculus DK1
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • KNOXLABS Cardboard
  • Google Cardboard
  • Zeiss VR One
  • Yay3D VR Viewer
  • Durovix Dive
  • Stooksy VR-Spektiv
  • DODOcase Cardboard

Other features

In addition to standard videos, there is a variety of content on Vixen VR.

There’s “The Gold Club San Francisco”, which they claim is the first virtual reality strip club experience and offers, as you guessed it, videos of girls stripping and teasing you into wanting to have sex but offering none of it.

You can even play “Temptation Towers”, which is a game that’s regularly updated and features rooms upon rooms and levels upon levels of all sorts of racy audacity featuring everything from sex to everything else.

“VixenVR Apartment” is also available as a game, which is pretty much like a girlfriend experience kind of video where Natasha makes herself felt in various real-life situations all over your virtual apartment.

Pricing and discounts

There’s no trial period. The best you can get is to buy 4 credits for $2.95 and you may find yourself a video to see if the content is quite right for you.

Payment methods and cancellation

Because of the way payments work, there’s no need to cancel anything since everything is paid for as a one-time fee.


Alternatives to Vixen VR

Our Experience

What We Like:

Unlike in other sites, what we like about Vixen VR is that they make up for their small library of content and models by offering other kinds of videos and games outside of traditional porn. They even have an interactive VR experience available in VixenVR apartment and VRClubz, as well as Temptation Towers, which are all unique from each other and are well worth a try.

We also liked how the payment structure is quite suited for individuals who don’t really watch a lot of videos and want to keep their options open.

What We Don’t Like:

The lack of video content is definitely an issue, and so is the inconsistent number of videos uploaded to the site and the now-defunct blog. We also don’t like how most of the content available the website has to offer is not of the hardcore variety and are usually short in length.

Final Verdict: VixenVR review

If you’re really more into softcore or just want to try out what it feels like to watch short VR videos or games or have a lapdance from different models in virtual reality, then it’s definitely worth trying out what Vixen VR has to offer. However, the site offers little variety outside of what we mentioned, so we recommend it more as a filler and as a good alternative you may try for when you’re sick of the features that your usual go-to sites have to offer.