VR Conk Review | Epic Sex Scenes With BJ Worthy Actresses

VRConk claims they provide the “most innovative and exclusive VR porn on the market”, which is a rather bold claim. Now, the question is, is it all hype? Lucky for you, we’re here to save you the trouble of finding out yourself. We’ve gotten our hands lubed up and dirty to review VRConk com and see if they live up to their ambitious statement. Read our review and find out more about VR Conk and what we think about their value-add to the potential subscribers.

VRConk Summary

Videos Update Frequency

VRConk claims to have regular weekly updates with “100% exclusive VR scenes” added every week for its users to experience via download or streaming. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Sometimes, they don’t add any videos at all during the week. This is one area with a lot of room for improvement. If it’s any consolation, you’ll want to save most of the scenes for re-watch later because they are that good.


Number of Scenes

There are roughly around 70 scenes available on VRConk. Each is approximately 12 minutes long.


Max Resolution

What VRConk lacks in scenes and in update frequency, they make up for in original content offerings. VRConk might not pump videos out quite frequently, but the quality of these VR porn movies is absolutely amazing. All of their videos are available in at least 4K at 60FPS with most available in 6K!! That’s something you don’t come across too often just yet. VR Conk deserves a high score for that. They’re one of the few that offer VR porn at this quality.


Performers and Models

Something that we also noticed in our review is the VR porn content variety. VR Conk has a huge load of European and American women. VRConk com has done well in this respect and deserves a huge score for high-quality virtual reality offerings. In our opinion, their selection of pornstars caters to all inclinations. We enjoyed it a lot during our review.

So, if you want, let’s say, a horny MILF right now, they’ll have that for you. Meanwhile, if you want to spank some naughty school girl’s ass, they’ll have what you’re looking for as well. MILF – school girl you ask? Well… go and find out yourself.



You’ll get access to this VR porn site by subscribing to their services (obviously xDxDxD). That’s pretty straight forward, right? Currently, they offer:

  • Monthly subscription at $14.99.
  • 3-month subscription available at $13.33 monthly.
  • 1-year subscription at $6.67 monthly.
  • Lifetime access membership is also available for just $299 (this is a pretty solid deal).

The rates aren’t too high or too low. Pricing is acceptable based on their content volume and quality. We think it’s a good investment, especially if you are considering the fact that they’re constantly growing. You can also save a lot of money via a longer subscription.


Teledildonic Scenes

We found out when making our VRConk review that they didn’t offer teledildonic scenes. It’s a relatively huge hit to their score as we prefer to have a bit of toy action just as much as the next person. However, making scenes teledildonic compatible is just a question of investment, which we think is likely to happen soon.


Non-VR Images and Videos

Unfortunately, VRConk doesn’t have non-VR images and videos currently. We don’t feel like this warrants a deduction from their proverbial score, but it’s not earning them any points either.


Hardcore POV Sex

VR Conk scores a lot of points for their immersive POV sex scenes. Do you want to go on a Christmas vacation and fuck the brains out of Alex Coal? What about hitting the gym and pounding the hell out of Vina Sky?

Then, once you’re all ready to come down for something more relaxing, Britney Amber is there to give you, the user, the hot titjob that you have always wanted and dreamed of. VR Conk even has some solo scenes where you’re basically just watching out people fucking, which, wasn’t exactly what we preferred, but it does help to give the subscription more value.


6K Resolution Videos

6K resolution is the more realistic option since a lot of gear VR can handle this quality better and much more smoothly. The best part here is that the site makes edits based on the setting and scenery. So, for example, if a video has a fantasy element to it, you’d get a dream-like fantasy setting. Also, 180-degree views with binaural audio are available.


Wide Variety of Talent

VRConk adds to its score by having a wide variety of hot talent – actors and actresses. They even have hot Asian porn and Hentai, among others.


Unique and Innovative Content

We love what VR Conk is doing when it comes to innovating their videos. They’re not afraid to put their stars and models in different parodies, cosplay videos, and explore other themes and even sports. Our personal favorites include “The Truman Blow” and “Fuck and Furious”, which are pretty self-explanatory.



Slow Update Schedule

If you’re subscribing to VR Conk, you’ll want to have a subscription together with other VR porn sites. They have fewer than 100 videos available with a slow update schedule, so the porn site isn’t ideal for hardcore watchers (like we are).


No Search Engine

There’s a lot of info on the site that could’ve made navigating easier, like tags since they already have categories. Unfortunately, they don’t have those. We agree with other users’ comments that the site could use a search engine.

In-Depth VR Conk Review

As of the time of our review, this porn site isn’t quite there yet. The good news is that they’re getting there steadily while not giving away on quality at the expense of higher video output. Their 6K videos are amazing. We don’t doubt that they’ll start doing 8K videos soon enough.



  • Anna Claire Clouds
  • Kiara Cole
  • Lola Myluv
  • Tiffany Watson
  • Lexi Luna
  • Kylie Lebeau
  • Gina Valentina
  • Skylar Fox
  • Diana Grace
  • Alex Coal


Top Categories Reviewed


This VR site prides itself on its interracial offerings. The diverse models on the site are a great way to experience and find out what it’s like to live out all your wildest dreams.



There’s no shame in wanting to bang it out with that badass-female character. Thanks to this VR porn site, you can kiss, touch, caress, and explore every nook and crevice of your favorite female character.


Big Asses

VR Conk has a wealth of hot ass content for you to slap and point to your heart’s desire.

Top 5 Scenes


Ease of use

Site Navigation

As mentioned, navigating VR Conk is kind of a mixed bag. The site loads fast with accurate categories. However, the site has no tags or a search function, so you’ll have to scroll through each page. On the other hand, this is one of the few times we’ve done a review where we actually wanted to scroll through each and every page. We also found out that there’s no way to leave comments on the site.


Filters Available

A user only has 4 filters for sorting through content and all show you the most popular videos.


Video Quality

The video quality is great. The downloads are fast and the quality is consistent throughout.


Streaming and Downloading

VRConk lets you choose whether you would like to download 4K / 6K porn videos or stream them directly. Personally, we prefer to stream as it allows us to watch on the go.



Using your gear VR, you can watch a video on the site at either in the 4K or 6K. This is a huge score booster for this website. If you’re an avid virtual reality porn user, like we are, you know that 6K is the sweet spot for your climax.


180 and/or 360-degree

Whether you want 180-degree or 360-degree or even a 3D video of the scene, the site has you covered.


Audio type

VRConk utilizes what’s known as “Binaural Sound” technology. Basically, it’s a way of simulating how our ears work. TLDR; you’ll get to hear audio as if you were right there. It’s best to try it out and see for yourself.


Male and Female POV

The VR porn site does have both male and female POV.


Teledildonics available


Headsets supported

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • PSVR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Cardboard
  • HTC Vive
  • Daydream


Other features

Unfortunately, the VR porn site doesn’t have other features outside of offering good quality VR porn.



The way that the pricing on the site is structured is that, the longer you subscribe, the more money you save. This is not new if you’ve read our other reviews. Unlike in our other reviews though, we didn’t really find a way to receive freebies. If there was, please let us know. We’re suckers for freebies just like everyone else, and we’d love to let you know about it too, so you can try the site out for yourself.


Payment Methods and Cancellation

VRConk accepts payment via Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards. To save money, you should cancel before the end of the current subscription period. Otherwise, the site will still charge your payment method automatically with the same subscription period as you previously availed, so be careful.


Our Experience and Overall Rating

What We Like:

If you are joining your first porn site, you can do a whole lot worse than VRConk website. The quality of content is great and the site isn’t afraid to experiment, as well as hire pornstars to cater to people of different tastes and sexual inclinations.

Personally, of all the reviews we’ve done, we found their parodies to be one of the most entertaining. Not to mention, at 6K with Binaural Audio, you’ll feel much more immersed in the action than you would be compared to the content offered by many other sites.

Download speed was also decent.


What We Don’t Like:

We weren’t really feeling the limited collection. You could literally plow through the entire library in no time. Even though you get a lot of pornstars to choose from, there still isn’t enough content available for hardcore VR porn lovers. There’s no way to leave comments either, which just weird.

Alternatives to VRConk


VRConk Review Final Verdict

We’ll score it at around 3.7 out of 5. Why? Let us explain.

We admit that there are plenty of movies available which are filled with beautiful pornstars. Unfortunately, the number of pornstars available is still too small for badass VR porn lovers. Also, content isn’t uploaded regularly, so you might not be able to please yourself with a new video when you want to.

Are you better off saving your money because the membership is not worth it? No. The subscription membership is still worth it at the price level they give access to their creative content.