VRCosplayX Review | If You Love Fiction, Then You’ll Only Fap To This Site

Dear readers, once again, we find ourselves between the thighs of knowledge. VRCosplayX is a unique niche site for people who like fiction turned to reality. There are many categories that range from parodies of pop culture classics to recent movies. VRCosplayX supports a wide range of headsets, and their content is nothing to sneeze at either.


  • Videos Update Frequency – VRCosplayX updates one video per week, in our opinion, this is not enough for a VR site. The appropriate upload frequency should be at least 2-3 scenes per week. The tally goes to only 4 videos a month, so we feel they lack heavily on this.
  • Number of Scenes – This site currently has 216 scenes available. We think this is the least number of scenes we’ve ever seen in VR site history. These scenes include additions from new movies such as Marvel’s Captain Marvel, Amazon’s The Boyz, Watchmen, etc.
  • Max Resolution – VRCosplayX offers a max resolution of 5K. We feel that’s decent, although some of their competitors opted for at least 6k.
  • Performers/Models – All of the pornstars in VRCosplayX have stunned us. Most of them are instant boner worthy as their costumes are on point, and of course, pornstars have their rights reserved. Details matter when cosplay is concerned, and VRCosplayX has not disappointed us in this regard.
  • Price – Membership prices for VRCosplayX are weird as hell. You get a $1 taster. Then it goes to $24.95 per month, $89.95 annually, and finally a lifetime for $299.95, which is now 20% off as well. We feel VRCosplayX should have had some more reasonable prices, such as KinkVR or PornhubVR.
  • Teledildonic Scenes – Depends on the scene that is being viewed. VRCosplayX did not really anticipate the market for teledildonics, therefore, many competitors stand out on this – BadoinkVR, TabooVR, and MilfVR have amazing teledildonics available.
  • Includes non-VR images/videos – As the name, VRCosplayX, indicates, it’s all about VR only.


Unique Cosplay Porn

VRCosplayX has some of the best fictional VR porn. The quality of costumes is acceptable, and they do a good plotline.

Porn Stars Are on The Model Index

Juicy and very beautiful ladies are there to fulfill your deepest inner kinks. No matter what’s your preference, you can definitely find girls that make you rock hard.

Virtual Reality Free VR Google Cardboard

VRCosplayX offers free Google Cardboard. Although it’s not the best VR headset out there, it’s still good enough to do the job, and not every site offers a free VR headset.

Membership Includes BadoinkVIP

With VRCosplayX membership, you can also access VR porn videos on Badoink. Badoink has a stellar review that we did not too long ago, and the videos there are amazing.

What’s not to like? You can basically hit two birds with one stone.


You Get No Access to Live Cams

Sadly, VRCosplayX does not score any points in the cam department.

No Universal Search Engine

We think everyone would want a search system to check if a platform has videos they want to see. Unfortunately, VRCosplayX has only new video headlines on the home page, and you can browse the rest of the videos from a massive library.

Trial Option Only Available for Card Payments

Details about trials are harsh as they allow only card payments.

In-depth VRCosplayX Review


VRCosplayX has some of the top pornstars lined up, or should we say, layed down. Without further ado, here are the top ten performers:

  • Violet Myers
  • Paola Hard
  • Eyla Moore
  • Polina Maxim
  • Billie Star
  • Victoria Pure
  • Nelly Kent
  • Florane Russel
  • Daisy Lee
  • Jewelz Blu

Top Categories

As the name suggests, one of the main themes is parodies. These are all quality movies that are well-executed and have a great storyline behind the porn scenes. Here are the categories:

Straight –  There is a buffet of straight videos that are full of your favorite fictional characters: Marvel, DC, Disney – all of them are there for your pleasure.

Lesbian – If you thought you like lesbian porn, VR cosplay lesbians are taking it several notches up.

Horror – The zombie sex has been a popular video category. Although it might some odd to some people, we believe everyone has a right to their kinks.

Top 5 Scenes

Scenes vary from video games to movies and TV series based cosplays.


Mortal Kombat is a badass game, all the characters are so hot you want to see them in action. The sex will lead you to “Cumtality.”


WoW has been an addictive game for years, the X version of it is sure to make some young boys run out of tissues.


A legend in the gaming world, AC has been a go-to title for adventure seekers. It is no different for this video, take the leap of faith.


When BLM happened, this show was a must-watch. Things have cooled down, and now the parody is something to behold as well because of BLM!


Who does not want to see super sex? We feel that the viewers who always wanted to see another side of Supergirl will enjoy this one.

Ease of Use

Site navigation – Site navigation is one thing that VRCosplayX did well. Great speed, scrolling, and video playback.

Filters available – Unfortunately, there is no search function at all, so there are no filters either.


  • Quality – Every week, you get one good high-quality video to drool over.
  • Stream directly / need to download – Feel free to do both, downloads are unlimited and free as long as you subscribe.
  • Pixels (4K, 5K, 6K) – Up to 5k glorious video to view while you choke the chicken.
  • 180/360-degree – 180-degree full immersive models offer blowjobs right when you need it.
  • Audio type – Busty Binaural audio to makes sure the characters sound right. Models sound far when close would disorient you.
  • Male/female POV – Yes, VRCosplayX offers the POV of both models, male and female.
  • Teledildonics available – Sadly none.

Headsets supported

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard
  • HTC Vive
  • HTC Vive Pro
  • HTC Vive Cosmos
  • Sony Playstation VR
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Oculus Go

Other features

Nothing worth mentioning. Which obviously means they need more features.

Pricing and discounts

The site offers nothing for free these days. You get a $1 taster. Then it goes to $24.95 per month, $89.95 annually, and finally a lifetime for $299.95, which is now 20% off as well.

Payment methods and cancellation

Payment methods that can be used are the usual ones – MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal.

Our Opinion

What we like

The quality of costumes, super sexy models, free VR headset, website loads fast, and the monthly subscription is decent.

What we don’t like

The trial option is not worth the effort. The lack of search functionality makes it infuriating.

Alternatives to VR Cosplay X

Final Verdict: VR Cosplay X Review

VRCosplayX is a great site that has accomplished its goal well. Their library is a bit small compared to the other sites mentioned in the alternatives, so please check that before you finish the sign-up process.

It is pleasant that they give you access to their main website’s VR category as well, which is Badoink VR.