With the Virtual reality porn industry growing as rapidly as it is, it’s always useful to have a friend like us! We’re going to help you decide whether VRHUSH is the one for all your VR porn cravings! VR HUSH has a neatly compact set of categories, some of which is your run of the mill VR porn sites “Must Haves “e.g. Big Ass, Big tits (but we’ll get more into that later) for now, let’s examine exactly how we’ll be enjoying this immersive experience.


VR HUSH updates at a frequency of about 2 new videos per week. In total, as of November, they have about 350 scenes for viewing. The Max resolution is 4k Ultra HD, which is cool, clean, and clear. They are well stocked with porn stars, boasting an impressive roster of 200+. Because of this, we find the PRICE, 1 month $19.95 (or the 90-day plan at a monthly rate of $16.65) very competitive. However, when it comes to Teledildonic Scenes, they have not yet delved into that market. Instead, they do have some non-VR images and Videos for all your ejaculating needs.


  • We loved the seamless interface – it’s smooth, well designed, and concise. It’s very user friendly, simple but effective in all aspects. Whether it be on your phone or your desktop, the navigation – throughout the well-designed layout is easy, breezy, and beautiful.


  • There are clear categories and filters tailor-made to each individual’s taste. We quite enjoyed the fact that we did not need to solve a simultaneous equation in order to “get off”.


  • We absolutely admired the beautiful crisp 4K ultra HD video Quality! That paired with the Binaural audio made this experience worthwhile, every scene was clear and clean. It completely immerses you, so much so that you may forget it’s only VR.


  • We respected the fact that there is an entire section of movies dedicated to the female point of view (POV).


  • Most of the porn stars on VRHush are well known and experienced stars in the porn industry. A good indicator that you are getting good value for money.


  • The price overall is really competitive but note that you must select the roll-on option if you don’t want to end up prepaying for an entire year.



There were a few things we think still need polishing at VR Hush.

  • This porn site has an extraordinary lack of diversity amongst the Pornstars, out of about 200 + Performers there are only about 10 in total that is not white. Most of the videos feature white women both blond and brunette. So, if you like vanilla then I think you’d love VRhush but if you also enjoy other flavors…it maybe a little underwhelming.


  • Unfortunately, VR Hush does not offer a dedicated app for browsing its content, so you’ll have to download each of the VR scenes individually and use a third-party player to view them.

TOP 10 Pornstars on VR HUSH:

In this review, we have handpicked a top 10 stars that we think you’ll love (there were many contenders but here is our best of the bunch):

Skylar Snow

  • Besides her beautiful “personality”, most people notice the Puerto Rican-born Skylar Snow’s incredible, firm, natural 34DDD boobs. She isn’t all tits though – this voluptuous, well-shaped, well-oiled sex machine has a Science Degree and a large brain as well. I flunked science in high school, had she been my teacher back then I’d still fail… but with a smile.

Lisey Sweet

  • Lisey Sweet is as smart as she is hot and we like to see that! An Ex-Scientist with a taste for fucking on camera! When she turned 27 she left Pittsburgh and headed to Los Angeles, trading exploding Bunsen burners for explosions of cum.

Kayley Gunner

  • This Ex-US military decorated Sergeant is a Bombshell, undeniably hot! No pun intended but she would most definitely have me standing at attention. Maybe she will do it for you too.

Anna Claire Clouds

  • Anna Claire was a typical southern gal, her life was church and family. Although she still retains that southern charm if you may, we love seeing a good girl go bad! Now there’s nothing typical about her, tattooed just below her beautifully plump breasts, we think she is a force to fucked with.

Abella Danger

  • As if her name isn’t already an indication of what she’s about, Abella Danger is only 21 years old – barely legal in most states, but she sure knows how to take a hardcore pounding. Little but only in age, taking a pounding after pounding seamlessly! Her scenes are the perfect example for us that sometimes age really is just a number.

Vanessa Vega

  • Only 1 year so far in the Porn Industry but she already has everyone buzzing. This California Latina is toned, petite, and tattooed! She has all the ingredients to become a superstar, for now, we are keeping an eye on her or maybe two with our VR headsets.

 Veronica Leal

  • Veronica Hails from Cucuta, Columbia. This hot, young vibrant, Squirting Latina is just what the doctor ordered. She is gorgeous, slim, and knows how to ride. If you like Porn that’s a little rougher, then you should check her out! She enjoys a good choke while fucking!

Vina Sky

  • Who Ordered Asian? YOU MAY! After watching just 1 of Vina’s scenes. She’s barely legal! At Just 19, she is one of the youngest on VRHUSH. But she is also definitely one of the most stunning! She swings both ways so her scenes are also with another female! So, if you have a thing for HOT threesomes then Vina is the one for you.

Nikki Benz

  • Everyone Knows Nikki Benz! At 35 but we think she is only getting sexier! Aging like fine wine. Maybe she’s a viable option for folks seeking more mature content (MILFS) and thanks to VR hush her huge, voluptuous breasts are available in 4k ultra HD.

 Megan Rainz

  • When you first see pretty, 20-year-old Megan, you may have to make a double-take because she looks a lot like Transformer’s star….Megan Foxx! She is as beautiful as she is nasty, and we love it! We think “Transformers” fans are going to love her.



  • Reverse Cowgirl – Because the video quality is so good it makes you feel completely immersed, gives you that VR experience you are looking for. It makes you feel like you can almost reach out and slap those pretty porn stars ass!


  • Cowgirl – For almost the same reason we picked reverse cowgirl, the video quality is sharp crisp! Gives you that exciting feeling that you are being fucked profoundly and the performer keeps eye contact, making for an arousing ordeal.


  • Big Tits – We loved this category because of the plethora of beautiful, performers with great pairs on them!

TOP 5 Scenes:

To be honest, there is quite a bit of good stuff available for different tastes. We tried to make a list of TOP 5 scenes but every time we ended up cumming after watching a video or two. That’s why we decided that there is no point in narrowing down the BEST cum vacuums, rather head over to Fuck Scene Section and choose yourself.


How Easy Is To Use The Site When Horned Up?

In terms of Site Navigation, the site is designed to be very straightforward. It is dummy-proof! Whether you visit the site from your desktop or mobile device, you won’t encounter any issues. You browse the content by the latest or top-rated scenes, or you can use mediums such as tags and the detailed sorting options to find something specific.

You can leave comments, ratings, and save your favorites or create a personal playlist. The layout design is clean with clear, concise links to the different sections. The filters available are simple and are as following: Name, Popularity, comments, and date.


Video Stats:

  • The video resolution as I mentioned before is exceptional. For a site that offers a steamy sexual experience such as this, it should be! No one wants to be in the middle of fapping and then BAM! Video quality drops. The high-quality 4k Ultra HD resolution and Binaural sound that VR HUSH offers remedies these fears, videos are sleek, smooth, and crisp.


  • All videos are in a 180-degree perspective. Virtual reality videos in the vault around 12 or so are remastered 360-degree fan favorites.  With remastered color and sound, it is a nice addition.


  • There are also a few notable steamy, high-quality 2D movies as well. Videos are mostly male POV but it is worth mentioning there is a section of lesbian scenes and hardcore + Big dick pounding videos for women.


  • The download page for each scene also features a built-in video player, allowing you to watch it in full right in your browser, zooming in, out, and around to your heart’s leisure. It is a cool feature that you can use for previewing scenes without having to spend time downloading them before you decide whether they are what you require or not.


Streaming & Downloading Videos

Both options are readily available to users, for those that want to stream directly from the site it’s possible up to 4k Ultra HD, and for those that want to save their dessert for later, you can download and save.


180/360 Degree View

Most of the VR hush catalog is in 180-degree perspective but in the vault there some 360-degree fan favorites that have been remastered for your enjoyment.


VR Hush “Sexy Sounds”

The Binaural is truly impressive, we felt completely immersed in every scene because of the amazing audio quality. Every stroke, every moan felt so real. And we are not joking!


Male & Female POV

Both are available, there’s something for everybody on this site!

VR HUSH is Compatible With Almost Every Smart Device:

  • Samsung Gear VR
  • VR Oculus rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • Any smartphone Android/IOS
  • Note, videos are also compatible with the generic cardboard VR headset for smartphones.

If you are a newbie to VR porn sites or not quite certain how to watch the movies on your headset, there is a detailed FAQ section.


Bonus Features:

Unlike some other VR porn sites, VRHush does not offer much else but Quality VR porn.


Payment Method & Pricing

You are going to need to pay either the monthly or 90 days subscription for this site as the free content is only 46-second clips and we need a little bit more time than that. Payment methods include Credit card, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.

  • Note: there are no clear cancellation procedures highlighted on the site and it goes without saying, you must be 18 years or older to purchase any of these plans.


What’s Our Conclusion About VRHush.com?

What We Liked

We loved the seamless interface, the navigational design, and the quality of most of the porn stars. There were a lot of familiar faces and bodies that we love to see. We really liked the fact that there was inclusivity for women which is important. We think the price is good value for money. Overall, we think VR Hush put in a really good effort here, and with a few tweaks, they can do something magnificent.


What We Didn’t Like

The lack of diversity amongst the porn stars was a bit jarring. The need to use a third-party app to experience VR Hush entirely.

Alternatives to VRHush

  • BaDoinkVR– One of the first porn sites to do virtual reality, they have a lot up their sleeve.
  • PornHub VR– PornHub is well known for its porn internationally, they boast a plethora of talent and sexy, saucy scenes.
  • VR BANGERS – VR Bangers is the first website to provide views with full-scale pictures.
  • VR3000 – Porn’s Biggest Names at your service
  • LezVR – Epic Lesbian Site


Final Verdict On VRHush:

Overall, the virtual reality experience that VRhush is offering is solid. With a few minor tweaks to its catalog, we can see it being a staple in many bedrooms and bathrooms. Solid overall experience, easy search method, and seamless navigational design, we give it a fair score of 4.5/5!