WankzVR Review: Is There More Than Just A Name?

Virtual Reality has increased our media consumption tremendously. Not only can we forget about the outside world, but Virtual Reality also enables us to not give a shit about it at all. When regular porn sites started adopting VR porn it made us think & feel that we are entering into the new era of masturbation.

Having watched tons of VR porn, I can proudly say that VR porn is the maximum limit you can go in the 21st century! So, the big question is – will WankzVR live up to it?


Videos Update Frequency

WankzVR has informed us that it uploads 13 new VR porn videos every month. That means more than 3 videos every week. This frequency is more or less acceptable in our opinion as it is higher than their competitors can deliver in the same time frame.

Number of Scenes

WankzVR has 700+ scenes available in its roster – out of which 471 are completely original content. We feel this is more than an adequate number of scenes which is available for consumption. Why? Well, it takes time to blow through 700 crazy fuck scenes.

Max Resolution of Videos

The top tier they offer is up to 4k resolution for all subscription options. Unfortunately, this doesn’t live up to their main competitors and thus we think they should up their game. Having at least 6k or higher quality videos available would make the difference and make them stand out among other VR porn site.


WankzVR has a pretty decent number of A-listers included in its high-quality VR porn site content collection. Porn sites always have an advantage when they have good actresses as it attracts customers. Also, a great VR porn site cannot make quality content without amazing actors/actresses.


For the content that WankzVR is offering their prices are pretty stellar.

  • They have a 2 day trial for $1.99,
  • 1 Month recurring for $19.95,
  • annual recurring $79.95 (at the time of this review it was offered at a discounted price),
  • lifetime for $375.

We feel that WankzVR is a tad bit more on the expensive side, so if you want VR for less than these prices we recommend (for example) VirtualRealPorn.

Availability of Teledildonic Scenes

Teledildonics is not available for WankzVR as far as we can see & experience. NOT GOOD, but it saves you a ton of money to spend on other things. For example, spend on lingerie or MC Donald’s.

Availability of Non-VR Images/Videos

As far as we can see the situation about the non-VR content is as good as a limp dick. Simply put – it is not there and there are no plans of adding it either. A VR porn site should always have a normal video section for people who want to tease themselves with an appetizer before jumping to real stuff (what are you doing WankzVR?).

WankzVR.com Pros

Content Clarity is Best In Class

Despite 4k resolution, the crystal clear clarity of the content is eye-catching in the industry. Rather than relying on pixels to make up for the clarity they did it manually. This kind of hand-stitched method is a sign of quality.

As always, we prioritize quality over quantity any day. Not to mention, we consider ourselves as experts at detecting high-quality work and WankzVR has fulfilled our expectations nicely.

High Frequency of Video Updates

WankzVR uploads almost 3+ videos per week – now that’s as good as a 40$ blowjob. WankzVR – good work! WankzVR is on the route of being a decent VR porn site as it has a content inventory that isn’t outmatched by any other VR porn sites out there.

Virtual reality is taken seriously by WankzVR and it has paid off well. Now, they are the industry leader in terms of video volumes and some of the best VR porn clips. High-quality content is a superb bonus, hats off to WankzVR on this!

Compatible With All Devices

The Best VR porn sites should always be compatible with all mobile and non-mobile devices. It is the year 2020 and it has become a standard. Content should be possible to view anytime and anyplace. Luckily, WankzVR is able to deliver in this respect. The best VR porn should be viewed in the best quality on any headset; from the HTC VIVE & Oculus Rift to the Google cardboard.

Anonymous Billing and Site Security

Who doesn’t like hiding the explicit expenses from the misses right? WankzVR has you covered and is more secure than a double Durex condom. Totally anonymous billing and military-grade encryption on their site is accessible to all users. Payment methods are high quality too. High-quality content should be paid with quality payment systems, so it won’t at you out. WankzVR has your back gents, so breath easy and jack off.


Wankz VR Cons

Resolution Could Be Higher

WankzVR has quality, but not the absolute best that money can buy. We wanted to see the underdog WankzVR prevail in all regards but alas that isn’t so. WankzVR cannot have one without losing the other, opportunity cost, like when you bang the wife but miss the kinky shit with the mistress.

WankzVR provides a maximum of up to 4k which is good but could be better. WankzVR made it feel like a half-ass blowjob. If you want to get access to 8k or below then you have to go to other sites and not to WankzVR. WankzVR will give you content but not the cream of the crop make your cock drop sort of stuff.

Prices Are Ridiculous Compared To Other Sites

A goddamn 2-day trial, wow WankzVR! We felt furious in writing this WankzVR Review because their content is good. The trial is pretty much useless cause you can download one video. How could you WankzVR?

We had such a good thing going on! The other prices aren’t that good either, we review with the utmost concern for all our fappers. Whether you are Mr. Moneybags or just a normal dude, we want you to have the reviews from the POV of all our readers. WankzVR gets your prices together, you are WankzVR, not Pornhub!

Absence of About Us Section

WankzVR made another crucial mistake because there is no history. They came so far in the industry only to not have any record or talk about it at all. Having an about us section is a good idea (our own review site has an about me section). How can you fap if you do not know yourself? WankzVR shares the history, we are sure our review readers will be happy to know more about the company history.

In-depth WankzVR Review


Pornstars are the fuel of the VR porn industry, WankzVR review is no exception, and without further foreplay, here are the top ten pornstars:

  • Melody Marks
  • Lena Anderson
  • Savannah Sixx
  • Nikki Peach
  • Lacy Lennon
  • Gabbie Carter
  • Ella Reese
  • Kyler Quinn
  • Gia Derza
  • Anna Claire Clouds

WankzVR Top Categories

Lesbian Scissoring: We like to be all about the details, especially in this WankzVR review. This category is where two hot bitches rub their pussies together till their clits get big & covered with each other juices. Then they eventually gush out if they do it for a while. This is a huge kink for many, including us.

Latina: Juicy booty Latinas have always been a keen interest in the porn VR world. In fact, there has been a recent uptick of Latina porn being searched on Google. Spanish and Mexican bitches really know how to fuck hard, real hard! Just their skin color and cock sucking lips makes us want to get a subscription.

MILF: A timeless classic, right? Who doesn’t like a good MILF in action? The answer is… no one! Everybody loves a woman still in her prime ready to eagerly suck your cock. She’ll let you pull her hair and fuck her against the wall while her cunt is dripping & soaking on the expensive carpet.

Top 5 Scenes

  • In this video, a super hot babe Melody gets fucked like Armageddon is about to hit. Good old-fashioned fucking, just what you need for an appetizer. Watch it RIGHT NOW!
  • An outside video for those who have a kink in exhibitionism, nothing like feeling the breeze between your “knees.” See the video now!
  • The girl on the street is broke and needs money. What can this poor girl do to earn a quick buck? Suck your dick of course and take 8 inches up to her tight pussy. Yes, this is a video I’d like to see.
  • A hot girl you brought over to your estate and she wants you to bang her brains out. What does she get out of it? Doesn’t matter just jerk off and don’t worry about it! Fuck it, I’d like to watch it!
  • When two bombshells decide that they need to try something other than chicken, they try out some boneless variety of meals. We feel that it is best when you watch this content alone. Watch Now!

Is WankzVR Comfortable To Use?

This is super important, as when you are horned up and couldn’t find a video that will finish the job – you’ll be pissed off. Believe us, we’ve been there several times and you don’t want that!

WanksVR Site Navigation

Site navigation is easy nothing too complicated to handle. Easy to jerk off with one hand and navigate the site with the other.

Wankz VR Porn Filters

There are no filters available on the search option, you have only words to use.


Wankz VR Porn Video & Sound Stats

They have done a splendid job in maintaining more than the adequate quality of their content. The max video quality available is 4k. Both 180/360-degree videos are available. But it’s not available for all videos, there is a specific category for this. Both male and female POV videos are available.

WankzVR features a beautiful busty binaural audio to make you feel like you are in the video, enjoying a good fuck.

Unfortunately, no teledildonic scenes are available. Given this is a gateway to heaven, then it really sucks ass!!!

Which Headsets Does WankzVR Support?

  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Sony PlayStation VR
  • HTC Vive Cosmos
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Valve Index


VanksVR Pricing and Discounts

We feel that we need to be genuine and so this is what we think: The basic monthly package outright sucks cost-wise. What more, beyond entry-level aka premium (short-term) subscriptions are also too expensive for our taste.

On the positive side, they have good offers going on like their annual subscription. YOU’LL GET 70% off. This is a decent haircut for an annual subscription. You might as well take advantage of that.

WankzVR’s Reality Porn Payment Methods

You can pay via the usual methods on WankzVR. This adult site accepts MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. The best part is that no one will know which you used because it is anonymous!


Our Experience and Overall Rating

Our experience with this virtual reality porn website has been pleasant. We’re not gonna lie, what they do, they do well. Watching their exclusive fuck movies while taking advantage of their annual premium membership subscription package is worth it no doubt.


What do We like About WanksVR?

We love the graphics, sex scene quality, video streaming speed, tech support, and their acceptance of anonymous payment methods. We are happy to be among Wankzvr’s members although short-end pricing is a little on the expensive side (we like free stuff), we also understand that video production requires resources.


What We Don’t Like?

The short-end pricing and the lack of love to let fans know what they are about (missing “about us” section). It’s not a big deal but including such information is important for us.

Alternatives to WankzVR


WankzVR Review Final Verdict

It’s a totally fuckable site and we’re not daydreaming here.

Their library rocks out a hard erection, that’s the first fact to remember. Just think twice before you subscribe to their monthly option as the annual one is just so much cheaper.

BONUS: Once you subscribe, they give you access to their sister sites, so you can scale up your porn consumption.

That’s it, hope you’re as pumped about this site as all other users are.