WhorecraftVR Review | Your Two Favorite Things Combined!

Gaming and smoking hot girls! I don’t know about you guys but video games and porn are two of our favorite past times, and on this site, they are combined! This site is obviously is a parody of the famous “World of Warcraft game”. In this immersive review, we explored as many new worlds as we did women, each dressed as different “World of Warcraft” characters. Have you ever fucked an Elf hardcore? No? well sit back, relax and enjoy this review as we dissect the pros and the cons for you.

Whorecraftvr Site Review Summary

  • No new movie update in over a year( but 2 per month before the halt)
  • over 77+ videos for you to download.
  • The max resolution is 4k quality content.
  • They currently have around 34 porn stars on their model index.
  • This 3D VR porn experience will cost you USD 14 .99 monthly ( streaming only).
  • US 19 .99 (monthly)
  • 3 months access US 39 .99 (save 40 %)
  • 1-year access US 99 .99 ( save 60 %)
  • Whorecratf VR does not currently have any teledildonic scenes.
  • No real bonus material on this site.

Pros of Whorecraft VR

  • What is probably the biggest pro on this site is its fantasy lure. They have made every man’s or woman’s dream readily available. I’m sure you’ve seen a character in a game before and wondered what it’d be like to fuck them silly, to hold them for real, and ravish them completely. Well, Whorecraft VR has done a handy, hardcore job of fulfilling these fantasies and we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. There are a variety of characters that you can have sex with, paladins, sorcerers , Elfs just to name a few.
  • All of the models were in tip-top shape, every paladin, elf, sorcerer, and knight were a succulent sight! We are all victims of judging based on the exterior, let’s be honest. We found every pink pussied princess on this website to be of high “Horny” fortitude.
  • The costume design was flawless, they did not seem tacky at all. They were well woven and made, fitting every illustrious curve on these adult stars, so perfectly, so precisely, paying great homage to the “World of Warcraft” original designs, we came up with a new name for this game, ” W of Wank” perhaps?
  • Well, thought out plots for the 3D VR campaigns, there is one that we embarked on called “The Subjugation of Alexabia”, the plot of this campaign revolves around dragons! Had we known that we could’ve combined our love of “Game of Thrones” with having hardcore sex with elves, we would have done this review much sooner. These campaigns are n absolute plus in terms of creativity.
  • The model’s performances in these movies are somehow over the top but still very enticing and believable, Maybe it’s because of the setting, but every moan in ecstasy and welp in wonderous pleasure elated us, we think you might find this rather appealing as well. Oh! and let’s not forget, these women fucked like well-bred horses! wild and magnificent how they employed their beautiful bodies.
  • The exclusive content here cannot be found on any other sites. It’s one of kind when it comes to features such as the campaigns and worlds.

Cons of Whorecraftvr

  • Unfortunately, costume design and worlds are where this site’s “Variety” ends. It’s terribly concerning that even in a fantasy porn site, they’ve still managed to get the diversity quota severely wrong. Almost all the models were white, porn sites like these need to step it up when it comes to inclusion, this is cosplay, after all, it wouldn’t hurt, in fact, it would only serve to improve the user experience.
  • The graphics were piss poor as it pertains to the backgrounds, this is definitely a fantasy parody, and that’s fine, but most of them looked like cheap greenscreens, that could fall at any moment. We think that the various porn videos and scenes on his site would be just as good, if not better without it. The graphics really do leave a lot to be desired.
  • some of the scenes are actually none VR.

TOP 10 Whores on Whorecraft VR

  1. Karla Kush
  2. Lauren Phillips
  3. Lexi Lure
  4. Alexis Monroe
  5. Daisy Stone
  6. Tiffany Watson
  7. Nina Elle
  8. Krissy Lynn
  9. Lily Rader
  10. Ella Knox


The Best WhorecraftVR Categories


Of course, the elephant in the room is the parody category itself. these videos allow you to escape reality, even for a little while ( well that depends on how well you can hold it). You get to have sex with amazingly beautiful women dressed as famous ( WOW) figures.


OMG! is there anything more erotic than cumming deep inside of a model dressed as an elf or a paladin? Seeing your cum leak out there gorgeous, well-kept pussies is a marvel within itself. You can let your imagination soar and maybe the cum leaking from their pussy or lovely round asses is their “Life force”. Without a doubt the scenes in this category are delightful.

Boob Jobs

Place your hard, throbbing cock in the care of your favorite model’s breasts. Watch as she jerks you off only using her beautiful pair of elf tits, bringing you closer and closer to your climax. The content scenes possess various sizes of boobs for your enjoyment.

Top Whorecraftvr Scenes

Elven Hostilities streaming video at WhoreCraft VR

  • Threesome with a blood elf and a night elf

The Life Grinder streaming video at WhoreCraft VR

  • This sexy babe literally fucks you back to life

The Shadow Priest streaming video at WhoreCraft VR

  • Fucking a shadow priestess with blue hair and a round ass

Call to Arms streaming video at WhoreCraft VR

  • Sex with the realms death knight on patrol duty

Whoresong Victory streaming video at WhoreCraft VR

  • Celebrate your victory on the battlefield with a victory in bed

How Easy Is To Use The Whorecraft VR site

The Landing page of whorecraftvr .com is a nice introduction to this fantasy world. Each campaign is listed, accompanied by the model who plays in it. If you click the “worlds” tab, you get a cool page that lets you traverse the various worlds of WhorecraftVR, such as The Golden Halls, The High Temple, Stonewind Keep. You’ll also learn which characters can be found in each location. Then, you can drag and drop any of those characters into the “begin your quest” box, which will instantly bring you to the scene of the character/model you selected. Click the “extras” tab to get stats on the models (weight, height, measurements, etc.) as well as a photo gallery and desktop and mobile wallpaper. You can also post comments on the videos but you can’t rate them or add them to your favorites. There are no tags, no categories, and no search engine to speak of.

Video Stats

If we’ve learned one thing from doing these VR porn reviews is that video quality is everything. These 3D VR scenes on this website are all in the impressive, immersive 4k HD quality. They feel immersive, have binaural audio, and simply look incredible. The scenes are compatible with the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Vive, PSVR, and smartphone headsets. This really aids the video game aspect of the site, “there was no pixelation in the making of these videos”, our user experience of the Vr porn this site has to offer was superb!

Streaming and Download

Both are available on this site, with streaming we did not see any significant drop in quality. No lagging or pixelation of any kind. To download however is a bit more tricky, as the videos themselves pack quite a punch, some ranging from 2GB to 3GB. The content files were quite huge but downloading although not lightning quick, was not too slow. To conduct this immersive virtual reality review we used the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.


The pixels 3840 x 2160 4k UHD (60 fps). No issue here.

360 & 180 Degree View

This site offers mostly 180- degree, 3D scenes.


Scenes are mostly shot in Male POV.

Whorecraft Audio

Binaural audio is definitely the standard for this type of website, it is the best the VR porn industry has to offer. It was refreshing to see and also hear how the binaural audio meshed so sweetly with the crisp 4k scenes. The scenes were brought to life with this addition, Each Elf’s ecstasy-filled moans, aided in user immersion.

WhoreCraftVR headset compatibility

  • Oculus Go
  • Gear VR
  • Any smartphone Android/IOS
  • Playstation VR
  • Htc Vive

Note: Also this site is compatible with the generic cardboard VR headset for smartphones.

Membership Payment Method and Price

There is a video trailer for each movie, but you’re going to need to pay the price if you want full access. At the time of writing, you can pay using only using Credit cards apparently, VISA/Master Card, Discover, etc. Yes, this is a bit weird we think, maybe you don’t want this charge showing up on your bill.

  • USD 14 .99 monthly ( streaming only)
  • US 19 .99 (monthly)
  • 3 months access US 39 .99
  • 1-year access US 99 .99 ( 12 months recurring)

Cancellation is can be done at any time before the new cycle begins.

  • You have to be 18 years or older to purchase a membership.

Alternatives to WhorecraftVR

Overall Review

What we liked

We liked the idea of fantasy which is etched in every sector of this site, in the content, the girls, and in the features(campaigns, Worlds), etc. We loved the warcraft theme, and with it came warcraft costumes that added to the erotica of the site., the cosplay will surely make some of your adolescent dreams a reality. We also liked the whorecraft cast, all astonishingly beautiful.

What we didn’t like

We didn’t like the lack of diversity amongst the models, there’s was not a bit of “color” content.

Also aside from comments, there’s a need for proper user features such as ratings, favorites, etc.

videos lack dates.

Final Whorecraft VR Score

For this fantasy-filled fun, we give Whorecraft a fair 4/5!