YanksVR Review | Type of Feminism We Like!

There’s something about a woman devouring another woman’s pussy until they’re dripping in cum that is so erotic. I mean, after all, NO one knows a woman’s body like a woman, no matter how hard men try, getting a woman to that absolute peak of pleasure requires some feminine charm. Female produced porn is probably the next step in porn evolution, and we’re glad that we are here to witness it. Lesbian action, masturbation, completely unscripted, hot exclusive content. All of this with your “Nut” in mind.

Yanks VR Site Review Summary

  • Update frequency of 1 new movie every 4 days. (at the time of writing)
  • 200+ videos for you to download.
  • The max resolution is clear as day – 4K quality content.
  • They currently have around 61 models on their model index.
  • This VR porn experience will cost you USD 39 .95 per month.
  • 3 months pass is USD 71.95 (billed as 23.98 monthly) save 39%.
  • 6 months access is USD 119.85 (billed as 19.98 monthly) save 50%.
  • 1-year access will cost you USD 189.95 ( billed as 15.83 monthly) save 60%.
  • Yanks VR does not currently have any content which is teledildonic compatible.
  • Yanks VR offers a Live chat.

Pros of YanksVR

  • Female on Female action more intense than ever before, exclusive lesbian scenes, with absolutely no men on site, the women take up the mantle. If you’re really into seeing women dominate women, we think this may be the site for you. Girls are carefree and natural in their approach to each other, it was so alluring to us, how easy and how effortless these women seemed to gel. Most performers are amateur girls but the way they perform? There’s nothing amateur about it, you’ll see for yourself.
  • Good high-quality female production dispelled any anxiety that these girls may have had around a male producer. It made for more comfortable, Natural, and more open videos. Female producers squeezed every bit of erotica out of these models and it resulted in some mouth-watering vr porn. Ladies fucked dildos, masturbated, and fucked other women with no inhibitions, just complete and utter euphoria.
  • Detailed profiles for each performer. Yanks VR has the most detailed performer profiles of any porn site we’ve ever seen. You’ll learn about their favorite books, what celebrities they’d have sex with, hobbies, and astrological signs, among a host of other details. Getting to know the girls first adds a layer of intimacy when you’re watching scenes.
  • Scenes are not scripted, this may come as surprise to many because most vr porn sites are, but Yanks VR offers only real orgasms here. It’s somewhat enticing to watch a performer explore her body right before your very eyes, making discoveries simultaneously. Freedom is Sexy, girls play the way they do at home. Horny girls and no rules equal real orgasms. No overacting, no fake screams, as real as your erection!
  • The device support – here you can find detailed, step by step guides on how to use your vr device. This is very useful for “new-cummers”.
  • This website has a very impressive update frequency of 2 videos per week.

Cons of YanksVR

  • This review, just as many other reviews we’ve done, has served as a reminder that even in 2020, we are still fighting for equal representation…EVEN IN PORN. It’s very strange that a site such as this, boasting female prowess and empowerment lacks these ideals in reality. Most models are white with a few sprinkles of Asian. Needless to say, it was completely jarring when we went through page after page of the model index and did not see any lesbian of color. We think the model index would benefit from a serious update.
  • The membership is so expensive, almost USD 10.00 more than other sites!
  • Streaming is not available, this is yet another shocker. Maybe a user does not want to download porn on the family computer? LOL! Streaming we think is a necessary function in the virtual reality video world, this must be made available.

TOP 10 Quality VR Porn stars & Models on YanksVR

  1. Pepper Scarlett
  2. Emma Hart
  3. Veronica
  4. Hope Gold
  5. Marina
  6. Jazmine Rajini
  7. Alisha Adams
  8. Eden Rose
  9. Hedera Helix
  10. Belle


The Best YanksVR Categories:


You get the honor of watching these beautiful girls finger, vibrate or ride their way to an orgasm. These scenes are so exhilarating. Watch on as their bodies bend to the will of whichever toy they use. Every video, whether shot in 360 degrees or 180 degrees leads to 1 conclusion, YOUR NUT!

Lesbian Nature

These scenes are shot in the wild, featuring waterfalls, rivers, ponds, and trees. These scenes give the user a sense of naturality that we’ve not yet encounter on other sites. Even some of the models sport their “bush”. There was a video featuring the “beauty” Belle, she and another girl’s finger and touch each other until their eventual climax. We found this very satisfying, maybe it will get you there too.


This is a weird but intriguing one. Women tell about their naughty experiences and their sexuality. We found that it made the experience a lot more personal.

YanksVR’s 5 Best Scenes

Yanks VR – Hedera Helix – Virtual Reality Porn

  • Watch Hedera, the girl next door ride that lucky cushion to bring herself to an intense orgasm.

Yanks VR – Belle – Virtual Reality Porn

  • Ana Molly is the first to cum with Belle’s masterful fingers working her clit and deep inside her pussy.

Yanks VR – Alisha Adams – Virtual Reality Porn

  • Watch Alisha as she teases…and teases…and teases until Rita is begging to be touched, rubbed, and licked!

Yanks VR – Eden Rose – Virtual Reality Porn

  • Once she slips out of her lace nightie, you can see her perfect pert tits and lovely body.

Yanks VR – Hope Gold – Virtual Reality Porn

  • Hope Gold gets down with Sosha Bell, with tender kisses on her thighs, and clit.

How Easy Is To Use The YanksVR Site?

The site looks good and is easy to navigate. The scenes are exhibited well and the site provides several basic user features, including Tags, ratings, favorites, comments, and an advanced search. There is also a model listing with bio and stats for each babe. You will find a “device support” section with help and info about various VR devices and how to use them to watch the movies, including Gear VR, Vive, Oculus, Cardboard, and Playstation VR.

Video Stats

With so many Nature-based scenes, the good video quality on this site is mandatory. The rivers, trees, waterfalls all are aided by the crisp, clear 4k quality display (60 fps), which in turn adds a certain natural lure to these videos. Imagine being “mid nut” and the river starts to pixelate? NO WAY….we had no such issues here. Also with no streaming, your only option is to download which eliminates any possible drop in quality while streaming. Great production and direction by the female producers also deserve an honorable mention.

Streaming and Download

All the videos are downloadable and they work with every VR Headset such as the “Oculus rift” & the “Samsung gear vr”. For our reviews, we actually test out the most important features – streaming and downloading is definitely one of them. We were able to download these 4k videos in no time. Unfortunately, there is no streaming option available, maybe by our next review they might find it prudent to add it.


YanksVr videos & scenes go up to 4k quality! ( 60 fps) Over 5times an average 1080p HD video, also with mp4 format, no problem.

180 & 360 Degree View

Mostly offers 180-degree movies but there are a few 360 and 2D content.

Male and Female POV

For once we did a review and found only female POV on a site. Although this is very much based on perspective.

The Yanky Audio

The Binaural audio is definitely the new, high standard for these porn sites. rarely have we done a review and not find it to be the Deputy, where the scene quality is always the Sheriff. It boosts the entire environment, both outdoors and inside. The audio quality played its part well, adding yet another layer of realism to a website already based on genuineness.

YanksVR compatibility

  • Windows mixed reality
  • Daydream
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • VR Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR
  • Any smartphone Android/IOS

For this immersive virtual reality site review, we used the Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR.

Note: Also this site is compatible with the generic cardboard VR headset for smartphones.

Membership Payment Method and Price

With this Virtual reality porn site, you get nothing free, you’ll have to pay the price. They accept credit cards, Visa/ Master Card, Paypal, and snail-mail.

  • USD 39 .95 per month.
  • 3 months pass is USD 71.95.
  • 6 months access is USD 119.85.
  • 1-year access will cost you USD 189.95.

Cancellation is can be done at any time before the new cycle begins.

  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase.

Good Alternatives Websites

Our Overall YanksVr review

What we liked

we really enjoyed the Female production. It was hard to believe that most of the pornstars were amateur girls, such was the quality of each scene. The acting was seamless and organic. The twice-weekly updates for content, more than enough to quell your insatiable desires.

What we didn’t like

The price was a bit high in our opinion. This website lacks a streaming option for that price, we find this almost obscene as well as previews for movies. We would have liked to see at least one Co-ed sex scene, and their model roster needs a serious update in terms of diversity.

Overall Yanks VR review

This site has a lot to be proud of, there’s a lot of material and a lot of potential. We think maybe with some essential updates this site can only get better.

So our overall score for YanksVR and it’s exclusive movies… is a fair 4 /5!